5 Useful Tips Newlyweds Should Keep In Mind When They Are Setting Up Their First Home


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5 Useful Tips Newlyweds Should Keep In Mind When They Are Setting Up Their First Home

Setting up your first house along with your spouse can be a lot of fun, and at the same time, very stressful too. It is fun because you get to spend a lot of quality time with your partner. And stressful because of all the planning and investment it calls for.

There might be various reasons why you would need to look for a new house. Your spouse probably got a job in another city or country, and you have to relocate. Maybe you will marry a man who already stays away from his parents or has always stayed in a bachelor pad. Or, you two have simply decided to live on your own after marriage. Whichever might be the case, read on to find easy and innovative ideas for making a new house your dream home.

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#1. Decide on a neighbourhood

Useful Tips Newlyweds Should Keep In Mind When They Are Setting Up Their First Home

The locality you choose is of utmost importance. You will not be able to exchange your new flat or house for a new one easily. You and your growing family will be living in this new house for years to come. So, if you want your kids to grow up near a park, then look around the neighbourhood. And, if you would want to set up a garden, then look for places with ample amount of space, light and fresh air. You can even interact with a few possible neighbours

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#2. Keep in mind each other’s taste

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It is quite obvious that you will not always agree with your partner’s choice of design schemes, or paint colours, etc. So, to avoid differences, you need to sit down together and communicate your thoughts to one another. You can then merge your ideas, visit home décor and furnishing stores, glance through design magazines, or search the Internet for ideas. Doing this will enable you to spend some time together, and your collective ideas will also reflect in your house. As they say, 'it takes two to tango!’

#3. Do a market survey

Useful Tips Newlyweds Should Keep In Mind When They Are Setting Up Their First Home

Setting up a new house can be heavy on your pocket. An entirely new house would require furniture, linen, curtains, appliances, utensils, and the list goes on and on. Therefore, it is very important that you do a market survey, and check the prices of all the things you will be requiring from at least three or four stores. This will help you to compare the prices and make a reasonable deal. Some stores might also offer discounts. Another rational thing to do would be to buy all the necessary things first, and keep the luxury items’ shopping for later. Nowadays, there are many options available online as well.

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#4. Plan a guest room

Useful Tips Newlyweds Should Keep In Mind When They Are Setting Up Their First Home

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A common mistake that newlyweds make while setting up a new house is that they forget to make a proper guest room. They do not feel the need as they live alone, and assume they could use the extra room for some other purpose, for example, making it a TV room with nice low sittings or a study room with bookshelves, etc. A surprise visit from your parents, cousins or friends could put you in a difficult situation here. Therefore, while setting up a new home, plan space for, if not an elaborate, then at least for a simple guest room with a bed and some storage space.

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#5. Experiment with colours

Do not be adamant on specific choices. A little bit of experimentation can serve you well. For example, bright yellow bedroom walls or red living room walls, which does not sound very convincing at first, can actually turn out to be a hit after it is done. So, be open to new ideas and do not consider this a chore.

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Setting up a new house can be as much fun as you want it to be! We hope our tips help you newlyweds to start your married life in the house of your dreams.

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