Salman Khan Would Blush After Watching Cute 3-Year-Old Girl's Marriage Proposal

Salman Khan Would Blush After Watching Cute 3-Year-Old Girl's Marriage Proposal

We love our favourite Bollywood stars endlessly! Fans are ready to stand outside their homes or sets for hours to get their glimpse, even if it is just a shot of them waving their hands! They pray for them, fast for them, celebrate their birthdays and stand in queues for hours to get tickets to their autographs. Yes we know you know all this; and probably, most of you have done this yourself. But, have you ever gone ahead and proposed to them outright and got an “I love you too” from them? No? Well, then we really need to see this youngest Salman Khan fan who has actually proposed to her hero.

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This cutest-ever three-year-old has proposed to Salman Khan for marriage, and she is very clear about it when she says, “Salman Khan main aapse shaadi karna chahti hoon!” And when her mom asks her what she knows about “shaadi”, her reply made us melt away with cuteness overload in an instant. Don’t believe us? Then we challenge you to watch this video without going “aww” or becoming a fan of this youngest Sallu bhai fan!

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Didn't we tell you this video is a definite cuteness overload, which can make your day all the more brighter! Nitya’s proposal to Salman Khan, her definition of shaadi (“Shaadi matlab Happy Birthday!”), the last moment where she says “I love you Salman Khan” and gives a flying kiss to the camera, and her innocent smile– now who can refuse a proposal like that? Well, she definitely got a response from her man as well, who said “I love you too”.

After watching this, we seriously wish Salman Khan should consider getting married now!

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