This Wife Saved For Three Years And Fulfilled Her Husband's Dream Of Owning A Harley Davidson


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This Wife Saved For Three Years And Fulfilled Her Husband's Dream Of Owning A Harley Davidson

It is said dreams do not have an expiry date. And if they are shared with someone special, they become all the more important for you. Akhilee and Gaurav are your regular, much-in-love couple. But, what Akhilee did for her husband sure is adorable.

Who would have thought that two posters taped inside a cupboard, will one day become a life-changing event for the couple.

And, the sacrifices made by Akhilee to fulfil her husband’s dream are surely what love is made of.

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the harley davidosn dream

In 2012, at a party being held at Gaurav’s place for Akhilee and their friends, she discovered two posters taped inside his wardrobe.

On one was written:

"25th August 2012: CS Gaurav Sethi"

And, the other said:

"11th December 2015: Harley-Davidson Iron 883."

the harley davidosn dream

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She found it fascinating, and asked him the reason for it. And, Gaurav’s reply is something she would never forget:

“I believe in the law of attraction. I see these posters every day and hope to achieve both these goals on the exact dates.”

And, Gaurav did manage to fulfil his dream number one. On August 25, 2012, he called her up and said:

“CS Gaurav Sethi this side.”

the harley davidosn dream

She was extremely happy for him, and asked him about his other dream to which Gaurav said:

“I have no idea, but my next focus is to get married to you.”

And, sure enough they both got married. But, what Gaurav did not know was that Akhilee had made Gaurav’s dream her own. The day he proposed to her, Akhilee started saving every rupee from her salary. She said:

“But from that day onward, I made his dream, mine. From 25th August 2012, I started saving every possible penny and decided to make my husband’s dream come alive.”

the harley davidosn dream

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And on December 11, 2015, she could finally make his dream come true. But, she had her own share of ups and downs while saving for her husband’s dream. It was not an exactly easy ride for her. However her resolve was strong, and on his birthday, he was taken blindfolded to the Harley-Davidson store, and there she gave him the best surprise of his life. She even recorded his reaction. Have a look at it below.

In Akhilee’s own words:

“Why I have put so much effort is the question? Just because dream has got no value, so one should just do it whatever it takes to fulfil it and yes it feels great to give. Don’t dream your life, live your dream.”

the harley davidosn dream

the harley davidson dream

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Akhilee’s message to all couples out there is sweet and simple. She says:

"Love is one thing, but selflessness is another. Really, I don't know how happy my gift made Gaurav, but I can say for sure that seeing him happy made me far happier. Money comes and goes, but moments like these, they're forever. So, cherish every moment of your lives, be happy and do everything you can to make those you love happy."

They took a second honeymoon trip on their Harley Davidson to Rajasthan from December 25, 2015 to January 3, 2016.

the harley davidson dream

the harley davidson dream

the harley davidson dream

the harley davidson dream

the harley davidson dream

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Aww! We are sure this story would have made all husbands jealous. But, one thing is for sure that Gaurav sure is a lucky husband. Team BollywoodShaadis wishes their bond grow even stronger over the coming years.

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