This Thane Family Cut Down On Their Daughter's Wedding Costs And Donated To The Poor Farmers


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This Thane Family Cut Down On Their Daughter's Wedding Costs And Donated To The Poor Farmers

Some stories truly touch your heart. In a place where weddings are considered to be one big opulent function, something like this is truly heart-warming.

We are talking about the Vadkes, a Marathi family who decided to cut down on the wedding expenses of their daughter, and decided to donate the excess amount to poor farmers in Marathwada, who have been struck by the prevailing drought conditions with only eight per cent water stocks remaining.

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This family cut down the wedding expenses by six lakhs, and donated the amount to two villages in Jalna and Nanded. Vivek Vadke and his wife, Vasanti have always been extremely socially active and are associated with the Gram Vikas wing of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. The money will be used to desilt and widen the rivers that run along these villages.

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Vivek’s daughter, Jaai who is a bioinformatics graduate, got married to fighter pilot Tejas on December 24, 2015. Her parents cut down on unnecessary wedding expenses like décor and other things. The amount saved then went to these two villages.

Speaking about it Vadke said:

"We were quite aware of the situation in the state and did not want to spend money on things that are not too important like decorations. After visiting the villages, we realized that the best way to use the money would be to help deepen and widen the water resources in these villages to increase their capacity for the monsoon."

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Well, the Vadkes have really set up a great example for everyone to follow. Truly, India needs more such people to come up and give back to society in such a positive way.


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