This Pre-Wedding Shoot Is So Amazing And Creative That It Will Tempt You To Steal Some Ideas


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This Pre-Wedding Shoot Is So Amazing And Creative That It Will Tempt You To Steal Some Ideas

The concept of pre-wedding shoot has become quite too popular in India. And, why not? After all, everyone loves to see the beautiful chemistry that two souls share during their courtship days, through some amazing photographs. And, for all our beautiful soon-to-be married couples looking for some creative ideas to make their pre-wedding shoot absolutely unique, we have got something for you to take inspiration from.

Here are some awesome photographs from the pre-wedding shoot of a lovely couple, Varun Kalra and Priyanka Ahuja, shared with us by their photographers, Cupcake Productions. While a lot of couples are still busy getting themselves clicked around the monuments and gardens, this couple had something completely different. All thanks to of their photographers; they showed their love story through a fun and interactive concept, 'Chalk Photography'. The background in each photograph is nothing but the chalk drawings made on a plain surface, which turned this entire shoot into a beautiful tale. So, go through the love story of this couple through their beautiful pictures to get inspired.

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The journey begins

Varun and Priyanka met at Starbucks for the first time. The chemistry that they shared in the first meeting itself assured them that they are just perfect for each other. After all, ‘a lot can happen over a cup of coffee’.

It ended so soon?

However, the stars refused to oblige. Their horoscopes did not match and forced the two to part ways. Well, the picture clearly shows how sad were these two. But, was this the end?

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A fresh start

Well, Priyanka was not the one to call it quits so soon. She messaged Varun on his mobile asking him to ‘still be friends’. And surprisingly, Varun replied to her instantly. They started to meet quite often and enjoyed each other’s company a lot. While they themselves were not sure of where their lives were headed, all those frequent talks and meetings turned these ‘just friends’ to something else.

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The testing time

After a few days, came another tough phase in their relationship. Varun had to go to Mumbai for a few months due to some office work. And, the two lovers parted geographically, but only to get closer.

Varun was busy with his work in Mumbai, and Priyanka was missing him back in Delhi. That is when Priyanka actually realised Varun’s importance in her life.

P.S.: We just loved the way the photographers showed her being in Delhi and him in Mumbai, through the monuments of both the cities.

And, she eagerly waited for Varun to return to Delhi, so that she could share her feelings with him.

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And, the love grows stronger

The time passed, and Varun returned to Delhi with bags full of gifts for her. Priyanka then knew how much she meant to Varun, as he also missed her as much as he was being missed.

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Candid confession and a beautiful proposal

One fine evening, the two went out to dance and dine, and had a wonderful time together.

And, while dropping her back home, Varun bought a bouquet and proposed to Priyanka.

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And, they lived happily ever after!

Surprised, ecstatic, and full of all other beautiful emotions, Priyanka said ‘yes’. And, their story took off from the ground to a world of love and fantasy. They knew there was no looking back now. After all, it is not the stars, but us only who make our own destiny.

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We are happy that Varun and Priyanka believed in their love more than what their stars told them. Otherwise, we would not have been able to share this wonderful concept of chalk photography, with all of you! So, are you all excited to get your love story captured in the similar manner? Well, if you said yes, then just do not forget to share it with your wedding photographer!

Images Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

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