Dear Brides, This Is How You Can Dress Up Like Deepika As 'Rani Padmavati' This Shaadi Season


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Dear Brides, This Is How You Can Dress Up Like Deepika As 'Rani Padmavati' This Shaadi Season

All set to join the bride bandwagon? So, all you must be busy with is styling your trousseau and incorporating the intricate details to lift up your D-day look. For that, you can look no further than the biggest hit of the season Padmavati which has become the most influential and in-rage trend amongst fashion lovers.

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The costumes and jewellery in the movie showcase the eclectic mix of style, traditions and charisma from the Rajput era. Soon-to-be brides who are leaving no stones unturned to get their look right can, in fact, absorb a lot from Deepika’s queeny avatar and take their style quotient a notch higher. So, wait not and have a closer look to get that dreamy and majestic look of ‘Rani Padmavati’.


Padmavati Fashion

Brides-to-be can’t help but fall in love with Deepika’s eye-catching and swirly ghagras. The ethereal ghagras as heavy as 30 kgs were made extravagant with hand-crafted embroideries like mukke ka kaam, salma and sitara. The weighted lehengas created a lot of stir as Deepika sang and danced in the movie and song sequences. So, pick up the trend and take the world by storm on your big day with the princess avatar.


Padmavati Fashion

Another hangover from the movie in terms of the trend is the odhnis that Deepika flaunted with elan. The queen gives a lot of cues when she ensnares us with the regal dupattas in Padmavati. An Indian odhni can never get old and always rule when it comes to bridal attire. In fact, for those splendid moments, a royal and desirous odhni/odhna is a must-have and is always welcome. So, wait not and pull on a heavy-bordered dupatta that reminds of a typical Rajput princess.

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The royal couture

Padmavati Fashion

No wonder, Padmavati's overall dress-up garnered as much attention as her ghagra itself. Designer duo Rimple and Harpreet Narula are achieving accolades by flattering Deepika’s each and every look with the amazing ethnic numbers. The fans are still oohing and aahing over the lavish garments and are going crazy over adopting the similar trend. The outfits are just apt for any bride to get thumbs up at her gala.

Padmavati Fashion

So, if you are upbeat in choosing the best for your D-day, the wedding attires in the movie is surely a roundup. The intricately embroidered and picture-perfect ghagra cholis will certainly score brownies at your once-in-a-lifetime avatar.

The gota work

Padmawati fashion

To maximize the effect of the dresses of Rani Padmavati during the Rajput era, the designer used intricate gota patti work. Big on bridal and bigger on opulence; this unique hand-craft is one of the many inspirations brides can have from the movie and the song Ghoomar. Have it infused in your wedding garment and it will never fail to make a mark. You can keep the gota work prominent or less; the choice is yours.

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The choker set

Padmawati fashion

Apart from ethnic numbers, Padmavati offers an array of traditional jewellery trends too. Brides who are on the lookout for a raging jewellery trend for their grand occasions can definitely eye Deepika’s embellished choker sets and rani haars. Ever since Deepika flaunted the chokers with multi-layered necklaces, girls have been going crazy after the eminent jewels. Crafted in stone, kundan and pearls; the pieces of jewels can add splendour and charisma to your wedding outfits too.

Floral bootis

Padmawati fashion

An eruption of floral bootis in vivid colours on Deepika’s couture was blooming up her fashion statement for sure. Why not? Florals in every form make an Indian wear complete and are epic. Plenty of Deepika’s ghagras and cholis were looking elaborate with the leaf and floral bootis etched on them. So, wait not and pluck this on-screen style to enhance the beauty of your D-day couture.

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Gold jewels

Padmawati fashion

The movie Padmavati naturally emphasises the importance of gold jewellery for Indian ceremonies and occasions. Gold which is a constant favourite adornment in marriages for all the right reasons is showcased in the movie at its finest and the most artistic avatars. Bedecked in gold jewels from head to toe; Deepika flaunted some stunning collection. You too can capture the same grace and grandeur and reflect a princess-like persona with lustrous gold jewellery.

Arm cuffs and borlas

Padmavati style

The girl fans are endlessly fascinated with the glitter of borlas and armlets that Deepika wore as her integral accessories. Encrusted with kundan and rubies these trinkets were looking delicate as well as fabulous.

Padmawati fashion

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Go for these stylish yet traditional ornaments to make heads turn. These adornments can offer you varied looks from simple to understated to perky and bling.


Padmawati fashion

Looking stunning in the movie, Deepika proves that a hairstyle as simple as a centre partition is still a classic and can be an ideal choice for any brides-to-be. The hair managed loose offered the queen Padmavati a polished and more sophisticated look. You too can uplift your look and achieve perfection on your grand wedding day with a similar hairdo.


Padmawati fashion

A lady’s obsession with embroidery is never-ending and this is clearly visible through Deepika’s couture soaked in embroidery. The age-old handcraft was definitely taking the queen’s personality up. So, here is a chance and a cue to power up your wedding wardrobe with something that is rooted in tradition. For your most important day go by the golden rule of embroidery and you will look charming and versatile throughout your wedding sequences.             

So, while Sanjay Leela Bhansali is creating magic with his on-screen Padmavati, here is your chance to do it all in reality. If the typical Rajwada and Rajasthani look of the princess' catches your fancy; look no further than Rani Padmavati’s style and attitude. From hairstyle to jewellery, makeup and attire; you can replicate the same aura while you walk down the aisle.

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