This Indian Father's Emotions At His Daughter's Wedding Will Definitely Leave A Lump In Your Throat


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This Indian Father's Emotions At His Daughter's Wedding Will Definitely Leave A Lump In Your Throat

There is no better bond in the world than the father-daughter relationship. Be it teaching her how to ride a bicycle, or pretending to be a guest at her wedding games, fathers are always their for daughters. No matter how old a daughter gets, she always remains her father's little princess. But following the traditional customs of the society, a father has to give away his daughter so that she can start a new life. But while being a happy occasion, it is also one of the most difficult moments for every father and daughter. Beautiful moments from this occasion were captured at Manpreet and Darren's wedding. And, we could not resist sharing it.

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Watching his little girl all grown up and ready to start a new life with her prince charming, Manpreet's father cannot be happier. But, there is a certain sadness attached to it, as she will soon leave her father's home.

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Expressing his love for his daughter, he says, “She is our most precious gift." His love and concern for his daughter clearly reflects in his voice.

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He dances with a smile, performs all rituals, and happily raises a toast for Manpreet's happy married life. But, when the time comes to give away his "incredible daughter" he is all teary-eyed. He asks his son-in-law Darren, "to continue to keep her happy."

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A daughter’s wedding might leave a void in a father's life. But, the smile on her face makes him feel content. So, we just leave you with Manpreet’s father quote, “Although it’s sad that it’s an ending, it is also a new beginning.” © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.