This Bride Missed Her Father At Her Wedding But It Was Her Groom Who Made Us Cry


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This Bride Missed Her Father At Her Wedding But It Was Her Groom Who Made Us Cry

Marriage represents the true love that two people have for each other. This love not only shows how happy these two souls are with each other, but also assures them that they have someone to take care of them in all the tough phases of life. And, one beautiful example of such true love is this heartwarming wedding story.

This beautiful wedding video has some amazing lessons to teach to all of us about the institution of marriage as well as life.

So, join us though the wedding journey of Sidak and Yasmeen, and we are sure you will be left speechless for a while after watching this.

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Rainbow after the rain

The pain of losing a loved one is probably the biggest grief one can ever experience in life. And, this is what happened to our beautiful bride, Yasmeen, when she lost her father. Like any other girl, even she could never imagine herself getting married without his presence.

Sidak and Yasmeen Wedding

But there is a saying, “there is always a rainbow after the rain.” This great loss of her life brought Yasmeen close to her soulmate, Sidak. As he saw her in pain, he could not stop himself from helping her get out of it. And, this was the time when the two got really close to each other.

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Sidak and Yasmeen Wedding

The new beginning

As the two realised the connection between them, the next step of course, was to enter into wedlock. And, so much was the power of Sidak’s love for Yasmeen, that she could always feel her father's presence in the entire wedding ceremony. This was made possible only because he ensured that he not only treated her as his wife, but also as his child.

He even said:

You are my child first, then my wife, and then my soulmate.

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Sidak and Yasmeen Wedding

While he assured her that he will take care of her forever, she reciprocated it through the unconditional love in her eyes for him. Truly, this blessed couple rightly exemplifies that a match is always made in heaven!

Sidak and Yasmeen Wedding

Well, like any other wedding, this one also marked the union of two people. But, the way they conveyed the meaning of true love to all of us is phenomenal.

We wish this beautiful couple a blissful married life ahead.

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