15 Things You Feel Or Do When Your Sister Is Pregnant And You Are About To Become A 'Maasi'


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15 Things You Feel Or Do When Your Sister Is Pregnant And You Are About To Become A 'Maasi'

Pregnancy is supposed to be the most beautiful and pampered phase in any woman’s life. Yes, it is a difficult road till the end, but the end result makes the entire journey worthwhile. Not only the woman who is pregnant, but her close family members and friends who care for her immensely, also feel all kinds of happy emotions and try to make it the best phase of her life. Especially if the expecting mommy happens to be your sister, you feel happy, sad, nervous, excited and impatient; all at the same time.

So, we get you a list of all those emotions you face along with the things you do when your loving sister announces her pregnancy.

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#1. You are excited

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Hell, yes you are! You are going to welcome a new human whom you can pamper, guide and train to follow your commands *wink*!

#2. You are nervous

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The pregnancy is as new to you as it is to her, especially if it is the first one in the family. And because you want to be the best and do the best for her in every sense possible, you are very nervous.

#3. You read up the internet to know it all

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The diet she needs to follow, the workouts she needs to follow, baby apps that indicate the daily growth, development and everything there is to know about the growing fetus. You get on to the World Wide Web!!

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#4. You want her to eat well

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Because what she eats, directly goes to her growing baby! Thus, you want it to be wholesome and healthy. You also make sure you are available to fulfill all her food cravings.

#5. You now address yourself as maasi to the bump

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The first thing you do when your sister’s bump starts to appear is talk to it. And because you have a right on it, you start talking to it, greeting it etc., along with addressing yourself as ‘Maasi’ to it.

#6. You want to shop for the baby

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Whether it’s at the store, the mall or online, you spend all your free time shopping for unisex clothes, toys, furniture etc., for the baby on the way, and also cool maternity wear for your sister. You want the child to have nothing but the best.

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#7. You wait for the bump to grow and that’s a milestone

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You keep a track on how fast or big it is growing. You feel elated when you see movements and can feel the kicks. You develop an instant relationship with the baby right there, right then!

#8. You are excited to plan the baby shower

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Because that’s what awesome sisters do! You make sure you invite all her friends, pamper her with lovely gifts, make her enjoy by playing fun games etc., before her baby is almost due!

#9. You get over-protective

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You want everyone to be nice to her and pamper her, you don’t allow her to do much work or take any kind of stress, you are careful about the way she walks, sits etc. You are always there by her side. Basically, her wish is your command!

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#10. You are at her service to fulfill all her cravings

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Be it 4 AM in the morning or 10 PM at night, you are just a call away to get her what she wants, exactly when she wants it. After all that she is going through, this is the least you can do to make her feel at peace and comfortable and enjoy her pregnancy journey even more.

#11. The coming baby is all you can think of all the time

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Even when you aren’t with your sister, she and the baby are pretty much what you are always thinking and talking about. You are anxious as to when the baby will finally arrive and how your worlds will change thereafter.

#12. You plan a pregnancy photoshoot

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This by the way is the most ‘in’ thing nowadays! The photographers give you a package in which they take maternity shots with the expecting parents before the delivery and then after the baby arrives. These are brilliant pictures that make lifetime memories and you do that for her!

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#13. You are all set to teach the baby all kinds of things

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You cannot wait for the baby to come because you are all set to begin with the pampering, along with teaching the child all kinds of mischief, tricks, sports etc. You know you can never be strict, so pampering is all that you can do!

#14. Whenever your sister calls you, you feel it’s time for the baby to come

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Whenever you see her name calling, some part of you wants it to be a call that says she is about to deliver! You want that beautiful moment to come soon and you absolutely want to be there with her when this miracle happens!

#15. You cannot wait to be the coolest maasi

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It is after all your sister’s child. A child that you can love like it is your own, without having to worry about being strict. So, your job from now on is to be the best maasi in the whole world. You are now as much responsible to bring up a smart, confident and well-raised child as is your sister.

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Siblings share an incredible bond that makes them care for and love each other beyond eternity. And it is the same feeling that transcends down to their kids too. And as for all the maasis, we are damn sure you went through all of these emotions when your sister conceived and could totally relate to this write-up. But, if there were more things other than this that you did, feel free to share them with us in the comments section below and allow us to be a part of your journey as well. 



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