Things To Look For In Your Bridal Beauty Package


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Things To Look For In Your Bridal Beauty Package

You are going to be the centre of attraction on your wedding, and naturally wish to look your best. But to get this magical glow, you have to go through a lot of skin and hair care treatments. Taking the help of bridal packages at parlours is the most convenient option.

But apart from choosing a reputed parlour, there is something more that you need to check- the contents of your package. You can go for as many services and as much pampering as you want. However, some treatments are an absolute must and basic for any bridal package. The numerous treatments and services available can be a little confusing. So, we tell you what to ask for in your bridal beauty package to get the perfect look on your big day. Here is what you can look for.

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More than your outfit and jewellery, your glowing skin and radiating face will reflect your beauty. Hence it is essential that you focus a lot on your face. The stress and sun exposure that comes with all the planning and shopping can take a toll on your skin making it look dull and tanned. It is therefore essential to include anti-tan facials and bleach along with your regular facials. Also, if you have time on hands, go for facials once in 3 weeks. Make sure you have one final facial just 2-3 days before the wedding day.

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During the wedding ceremonies your hair will be subjected to a lot of heat and ironing. So, hair care becomes very important. It is best to choose a package that has hair spa combined with deep conditioning at least once in 15 days. Also, the package should have haircut and hairstyling options. It is better to get the cut and colour 10-15 days before the wedding so that there is room for repair.

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An ideal bridal package should also include other basic grooming like full body waxing, manicure and pedicure. It is best to get the waxing done 3-4 days before the wedding. Manicure and pedicure are important at least twice before the wedding. Hand and foot spa will help to get rid of dark patches on knuckles or toes. After this, the package should naturally offer nail colours, French manicure and/or nail art. You can even ask for nail extensions.

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Today, many bridal packages include makeup for pre- and post-wedding ceremonies as well. It is recommended that you include these as well. This will add a professional touch to your makeup throughout the ceremonies, making you dazzle all through, be it mehendi, sangeet or cocktail. The makeup and hairstyle need not be as elaborate as the wedding itself, but a little fancy and elegant to suit the occasion. Many parlours have saree draping part of their bridal beauty package. Ask about this before you book for the package.

Talk to the makeup artist to check what kind of makeup suits you best. For example, if your skin is dry, you can go for cream-based makeup products; and mattifying makeup for oily skin. Also, make sure you try the look you wish to have on your D-day, at least once a few days before the actual day. This will give you room for any corrections or suggestions from your beautician.

Also, don’t forget to check what you need to take to the parlour with you, and what your beautician will be providing. This could include hair wash, hair accessories, costume jewellery, etc.

Lastly, remember to see that the parlour you choose is not very far from the wedding venue. Rememebr that an average makeup session can take at least 3 hours.

Make sure you choose a package that does not compromise on the bare essential requirements. Also, don't forget to go for regular spa and massages, every 2-3 weeks, to relax the whole body from the pre-wedding nervousness, stress and anxiety.
This the most special day of your life. So, make well-informed and smart choices, and make the most of it.