9 Crazy Things A Bridesmaid Should Never Do On The Wedding Day


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9 Crazy Things A Bridesmaid Should Never Do On The Wedding Day

Wedding day is special not only for brides, but for the bridesmaids as well. While the brides are a bundle of nervous energy on their wedding day, bridesmaids are anxious too as they have an important role to play at the ceremony. And sometimes, in between all the craziness and excitement, the bridesmaids end up doing the things that they should never have done in the first place. These thingsin most of the cases, either happen unknowingly or unintentionally.

No matter how close you are to the bride, there are certain limitations in the role of bridesmaids, which you should know so as to avoid any awkward situations during or after the wedding. So, here is the checklist of all the things that a bridesmaid should NEVER do on the wedding day.

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#1. Do not complain about your look

things bridesmaids should not do on a wedding day

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If you did not like the dress, which your friend or sister asked you to wear on her wedding day, please do not complain about it either to the bride or to the other bridesmaids. You should have voiced your opinion before finalising the dress. Also, it is just a matter of a few hours. So, cheer up and wear the dress, flowers or any other thing with a smile. Just pretend that you love them. Complaining about the dress or any other thing on the bride’s special day will only spoil the atmosphere.

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#2. Do not criticise the bride’s look

things bridesmaid should not do on the wedding day

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Never ever tell the bride that she is not looking that great, or she should have picked her lehenga in any other colour or her accessories are not good. In simple words, any other thing that might make the bride sad on the happiest day of her life, just ‘do not’ mention it. Do not be a spoilsport on her wedding day.

#3. Do not share your problems

things bridesmaids should not do on a wedding day

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Agreed that your best friend is going away, but that does not mean that you share your boyfriend problem or any other problems with her on her D-day. Just let the bride enjoy each and every moment of her special day. Do not stress her. Remember, your problems can wait.

#4. Do not drink too much

things bridesmaids should not do on a wedding day

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Yes, keep a tab on your drinking. You do not want to end up creating a scene at the wedding. And, you would definitely hate people remembering you as ‘the bridesmaid who got drunk and wasted at the wedding’.

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#5. Do not post bride's pictures on social media without her consent

bridesmaid should not do on a wedding day

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You might be in a hurry to share your look and dress with the world. But hang on, the bride may not want to reveal her look and dress on the web, even before the groom had a chance to see her! Do not think about sharing the couple's pictures on social media without their consent. Do not steal the thunder and excitement of sharing the special pictures of the wedding day from the bride.

#6. Do not flirt with the guests

things bridesmaids should not do on a wedding day

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No matter how good looking, charming and handsome men are present in the wedding, do not get drawn to them and start flirting with them. This will not leave a good impression and might upset your bride.

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#7. Do not run away from responsibility

things bridesmaids should not do on a wedding day

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Your friend or sister counts on you. That is why she made you her bridesmaid. You are her backup support. So, do not let her down. Be on her side and help her out in every way possible. Just do not vanish whenever you are given a task to do. Also, avoid coming late at the wedding.

#8. Do not throw tantrums 

bridesmaids should no do on wedding day

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Just because you are a bridesmaid, it does not give you the leverage to throw tantrums. You are there for your friend, and to be a part of her special journey. So, just be one happy bridesmaid who turns the whole atmosphere jovial.

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#9. Do not jump in between every photo shoot

things bridesmaids should not do on a wedding day

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No matter how excited you are, do not pose in each and every photo shoot of the bride and the groom. They might feel awkward as it is their special moment, which you might be stealing away. So, get clicked only when asked by the photographer or by the bride herself.

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So, all the bridesmaids, follow these tips to avoid coming in the bad books of the bride as well as the guests. Being a bridesmaid is a privilege, which not everyone gets. So, honour your friend/sister’s decision and be one happy and helpful bridesmaid!

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