6 Body Parts That Are Prone To Acne And Lifestyle Hacks To Treat Acne Without Any Medication


By Sharanya Manola Last Updated:

6 Body Parts That Are Prone To Acne And Lifestyle Hacks To Treat Acne Without Any Medication

Is there a spot on your face that welcomes a new zit every other day like your cheeks, chin or forehead? If you have a yes for an answer, then you might as well be pleased to know that those zits are trying to speak about your health. Yes, you heard that right. The area on your face which is acne-prone reveals a lot about your health. Now, let’s dive into the face map of acne and find out what’s exactly going wrong in your body. 

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#1. Forehead

acne forehead

Pimples on forehead are linked to your digestive health and indicate that your stomach is taking a bit too much time to break down certain foods. So, the best you should do is avoid junk food, reduce fatty food intake and drink plenty of water to flush toxins out of your system. In addition, do eat organic fruits and vegetables; have green tea which is rich in anti-oxidants. 

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#2. Hairline 

hairline acne

This clearly indicates a reaction to what you are using on your scalp and hair. Maybe the product doesn’t suit your skin type or that you have dandruff that needs to be taken care of. You may have increased acne bouts either because you are washing your hair too often or after a long gap. Both cause your scalp to overproduce oil and voila you have acne! The best way out is to be careful with the shampoo or hair oils you are using or consult a dermatologist for an appropriate shampoo. 

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#3. Between Eyebrows

eyebrow acne

Acne between the eyebrows indicates that it’s time to cut down on greasy food because your liver is definitely upset and overworked. Also, keep a tab on the alcohol intake and reduce dairy intake if need be. Have plenty of green tea, carrot, lemon, green veggies, all of which aid in detoxifying the liver. 

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#4. Cheeks    

acne cheeks

Your cheeks are plagued with acne because of a stressed respiratory system, unhealthy lifestyle vis-à-vis food choices. Stress, unclean hands and constant use of phone are also some of the reasons behind acne on cheeks. Regular smokers and anyone with asthma are more prone to acne on cheeks. Cut down on foods of acidic nature like dairy products, caffeine, and sugar and instead eat foods of alkaline nature like green veggies. Also, use anti-bacterial wipes to clean your phone that may otherwise clog your pores. Alternatively, you can use a hands-free device to speak on the phone. Remember to keep your hand off your face and change your pillow covers regularly!

#5. Chin and Jawline

acne chin

Blame your hormonal imbalance and stress for acne around your chin and jawline. Watch out for acne pattern when you are nearing your periods and consider eating foods that can decrease the number of breakouts. Get enough sleep, eat plenty of veggies and needless to say have enough water. Did you know that breakouts on jawline indicate the side you are ovulating? If you experience acne on the centre of the chin, it means you have poor digestive health. Increase fiber intake and have antioxidant-rich green tea. 


acne ears

Pimples on ear are a sign of poor kidney functions. It clearly means you are not drinking enough water and eating too much of processed food that’s high on sodium or in general high salt intake. Consider cutting down on these and improving your diet by adding more magnesium-rich foods to it and of course, water. 

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#7. Chest and Collarbone

acne collarbone

You are working out too much and sweating even more? Then time to walk out of those cotton tee you wear to the gym as it traps your sweat and makes it a bacteria-breeding ground that causes acne. Buy some moisture-absorbing sportswear that lets you workout in peace without the threat of pimples the next day!

Now, don’t you think it’s easy to wage a war against acne just by eating clean and bringing about some healthy changes to your lifestyle? Not only will it wipe out the cause but also ensure that you are leading an otherwise healthy life free of any processed foods! But in the end, the ground rule, however, is to DRINK AS MUCH WATER AS YOU CAN! It is the easiest way to keep your organs happy inside out.