The Growing Trend Of Intimate Weddings And Why You Should Go For It


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The Growing Trend Of Intimate Weddings And Why You Should Go For It

You have always dreamt of your wedding being celebrated in the grand style, with extravagance oozing from all areas- just like a wedding scene straight out of any Bollywood movie. Huge halls draped with colourful veils and world-class themed decor, loud music along with well-choreographed dance performances by family members, the hustle and bustle of a lot of people, lavish cuisines, designer outfits, and what not.

While you might be dreaming of such a royal wedding, spare a thought to the idea of intimate wedding celebrations as well. Yes, the growing trend of intimate weddings is here in India too. An intimate affair would not only make your celebrations much more enticing, but will also make sure that you only stay surrounded by people who mean the most to you and your would-be. So, let us tell you more about intimate weddings, and why you should be thinking about giving your union this interesting twist.

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Why an Intimate Wedding?

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The trend of preferring intimate wedding celebrations, rather than grand ones is trending these days, among younger generation, thanks to the present economy, and of course other factors.

The cost factor

Agree or not, but this is one of the most important reasons why couples nowadays are opting for smaller weddings. Traditional, big weddings embrace inviting hundreds of guests, reserving luxurious venues and hotel rooms to accommodate them, not to forget the cash, which flows from yours to the caterer’s pockets. Why spend so much when you can use the money in securing a better and more beautiful life for yourselves? Or, you can save it up for a luxurious and exotic honeymoon experience.

Personal touch

Intimate weddings have the personal touch where you can share some cosy moments with your partner, and exchange personal conversations with each of your guests, thus lending the whole event a personal touch. With a smaller guest list, you would only invite your near and dear ones, the ones with whom you truly want to share this joyous occasion. This rules out space for extra guests whom you hardly know, have rarely met, or will probably never meet again. So, you get more time to spend with those whose presence you truly cherish.

Potential to customise

Customising a wedding to accommodate a large gathering is difficult and expensive. An intimate wedding is not only easy on your pocket, but also more manageable in terms of the preparations. So, with an intimate celebration, you can truly let your creative juices flow, and add personal touches to your wedding, just the way you want. Do you want to engrave the wedding favours with you and your partner's names? Or do you want to give personalised handwritten 'Thank You' notes to your guests? With an intimate wedding, all this and much more can be possible.

More option to splurge

Organising a small wedding does not mean that it has to be devoid of any luxury. In fact, when you have a few close friends and relatives to cater to, you can opt for a more lavish venue and spend a bit more on the areas you truly wish to splurge on. So, would you cut corners with a huge guest list, or cut down the guest list to get everything that you dreamt of?

Less stressful

With smaller marriage gatherings, you have less stress to take on your shoulders. You can just plan for a theme party or a destination wedding with lesser number of people. You can even make each of your guest’s presence special as you have lesser people to attend and cater to. So, relax and enjoy your special day with your loved ones!

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Intimate Wedding Planning Basics

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The basics of planning an intimate wedding are no different than what happens at any wedding. It is just that here you and your partner need to decide on how intimate is your wedding truly going to be? Just to get you started, here are three most basic points you need to consider first.

Share your ideas

Involve the closest members of both the families while taking the decision of having an intimate wedding or not. It is best that everyone stays on the same page to avoid any confusion or disappointments later on. Tell everyone about your wedding ideas and discuss with them about the details like number of guests to be invited, and the budget to be allotted.

The guest list

While planning for a grand celebration, you first think about a budget and then move on to the guest list, here it is just the opposite. Prepare a guest list and ask your family for suggestions. Be very precise while preparing the list, as you don't want to end up with a hundred names, and then take the pain of cutting it down further. It is best to start with the most indispensable names.


As we said, just because you are planning an intimate affair does not mean you cut down on the lavishness. Now, allocate a proper budget and think about spending on things you truly want. With a fewer number of guests, we are sure you will end up with saving some of it.

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Intimate weddings do not miss out on the fun factor that traditional weddings entail. If you are the one who loves the frenzy and fireworks, but in the company of your near and dear ones, then an intimate wedding celebration is just perfect for you!


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