6 Fun Ways To Pick Your Destination Wedding Venue Without Seeing It In Person


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6 Fun Ways To Pick Your Destination Wedding Venue Without Seeing It In Person

Deciding on your wedding venue can be quite a daunting task, as this would be the place where all your guests and relatives will come together under one roof. But, before zeroing in on the location you need to see that whether your chosen location falls rightly on your checklist. Be it knowing whether the place is a reliable venue considering the weather around your wedding date, or has an accommodating capacity matching your guest list.

Agreed that deciding on a wedding venue without seeing it in person is risky, and when it is your destination wedding, you cannot affod that risk! But considering the amount of time, money and effort you will save by being able to finalise the wedding destination venue via other effective ways can make you think again. So, take a look at some of the most fun ways to pick your wedding venue without seeing it in person.

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#1. Skype it (Switch on the webcam!)

When you can video chat with your loved ones living outside your city, then why not check out wedding venues as well? Won’t that be fun if Skype proves to be useful while checking out a wedding location with the help of your the venue manager, or maybe a friend or relative? If they can take you all around the location wouldn’t it suffice you well?

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#2. Check the surroundings online (Be a Hercule Poirot!)

The website may describe the venue to be an absolute calm and serene premise to hold your wedding ceremonies, but what if there is a happening nightclub nearby? You would not want to hear “Who let the dogs out?” when you look into your partner’s eyes, while you both exchange your wedding vows (just imagine!) This might seem funny for now, but it might be a dead spoiler on your big day. Since noise does not have boundaries, it is better to do a thorough check of the neighborhood before you pick a venue.

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#3. Check out reviews on the web

This time, unlike choosing a restaurant or a club, it is about deciding on the most important place of your life, your wedding venue. So, you might want to read the opinions and feedback about the places carefully before picking one. By understanding what others experienced in that venue, you can be a fair judge of your expectations at the venue. An advice, instead of going on and finding reviews on their websites, you might want to seek feedback on an open forum or your social networking account.

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#4. Always ask for latest pics (Don’t just depend on their FB)

The venue PR might have given you the best of photos to impress you. But, what if the place had undergone renovation since then or adding to the worst of your nightmares, what if it is currently being renovated? Thinking of the Emily-Ross wedding from Friends? So, make sure that you subscribe to the latest updates of the venue.

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#5. Go through previous wedding albums of the venue

Even if they are not recent, a glimpse through all the albums will give new ideas for your wedding. It will help you utilise amenities better and also realise what needs to be done to prevent a disaster. For example, a food court in the garden may not be a good idea if it consumes all the space. Checking previous event pics can help you to understand and keep you well prepare for any unforseen problems.

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#6. Get in touch with event organisers

If you are not personally able to visit the place, hiring an event management company could make it easier. If a third person can visit the place and make sure everything is according to the your needs that would do justice. If the event organiser has conducted some events previously in that venue, that will be a bonus.

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If all the above aspects are thoroughly looked into, then there is a very good chance that you can enjoy a stress free, beautiful destination wedding. And, all that done from the comfort of your own place!

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