After Having 2 Children, Govinda Got Married Again With 'Band Baaja And Baraat' At The Age Of 51

After Having 2 Children, Govinda Got Married Again With 'Band Baaja And Baraat' At The Age Of 51

Govinda; you know him as the king of comedy and dance, someone who can make you laugh and cry in his colourful costumes, but for Sunita, he is a loving husband. Sunita and Govinda are two people who make love seem so effortless.

Here, we have for you, one of the sweetest love stories that you will ever come across.

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The beginning

Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja

Sunita's elder sister is married to Govinda's maternal uncle. In his struggling days, Govinda used to put up with his uncle where Sunita would often come to see her sister. Since they were both young, they used to fight like two crazy people. The reason behind these fights were their opposite personalities. While Govinda was a humble man who liked everything desi, he found Sunita very stand-offish. The way she used to dress up and carry herself, made him think of her as a cunning person.

As they are both fond of dance, Govinda's uncle would often encourage them to have dance competitions to which Sunita would reply in disapproval as Govinda was from the small town Virar, while she belonged to high society.

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Finally, after a lot of fights, love began to blossom. According to Sunita, Govinda is a very emotional person and this helped her a lot in their transition from fighters to lovers. Soon, the love letters started to fly away and Sunita's brother was the designated postmaster.

Love cum arranged marriage

Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja

Govinda and Sunita's marriage is a love cum arranged marriage in which love came first. One day, one of the love letters got caught by Sunita's mother. Interestingly, in that letter, Sunita had written that she wanted to get married to Govinda as soon as possible. Also, Govinda's mother, Nirmala Devi, was very fond of Sunita. She instantly foretold Govinda that one day he will marry Sunita only.

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Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja

Though, the couple had blessings from the elders to get married, their wedding was a secret affair. Govinda was suggested by his friends and well-wishers in the industry that if he reveals about his marital status in public, his female fan following is going to shatter, which is not a good idea for someone who is at the peak of his career. Govinda trusted their instincts, and kept his marriage a secret for a very long time. It was only after the birth of their first daughter, Narmmadaa, that the couple revealed about their marital status.

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Govinda family

Govinda is a family person and this is quite evident from Sunita's gesture. He loves spending time with his wife and children.

She says:

" At home, Govinda is a really simple man, always trying to make the kids laugh. Whenever he sees that I am upset, he starts playing with me as well."

Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja

Talking about his romantic side, Sunita shares a rather funny incident:

"Once on my birthday, we decided to go to Taj for a candlelit dinner. We thought about trying Champagne for the first time as we wanted to do something different. We ordered for one. I took a sip and before he went ahead, he called up his mom to ask for permission."

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As we all know that every couple fights, in their case, the major reason of fight used to be Govinda not spending enough time with family due to his busy schedule. Nevertheless, Chi Chi would make up with her and the fight would not even last for a day!

Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja

About the rumours of Govinda cheating on his wife, Sunita believes in her husband. She is aware of the fact that Govinda is a very loyal person who loves his family beyond limits and would not go after any other woman. His fame never disturbed their relationship.

Describing their bonding, Sunita says:

"He is a very nice man. He never lies. He is a very good husband."


Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja

Govinda regrets that he had to keep his marriage a secret because he was afraid that his career will be sabotaged. On the occasion of their 25th anniversary, Govinda and Sunita decided to re-marry each other by following all the rituals. It was Govinda's mother's last wish that he gets married to Sunita again.

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Govinda explains:

"It was my mother's wish that I re-marry Sunita, only when I reach the age of 49. My mother had specified that Sunita and I can go through a sampoorna vivah (complete wedding) only after 25 years of our togetherness. So we had just gone through a formal Gandharva Vivah back in 1987. I completed 49 in December 2014 and in January we went through a full-fledged wedding."

Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja

Sunita said:

"It was better than the first time. Twenty five years ago, Govinda was at the peak of his career. Those days, it was believed that marital status affects the fan following of a star and hence, we had kept out marriage a secret for the longest time. I remember we only announced the wedding after our daughter Narmmadaa was born. This time around, I was more excited as it was not chup chup ke. It was his idea. His close friend Faisal made all the arrangements and his friends insisted that we do it in London. Havan, pheras, sindoor, mangalsutra...everything happened as per the rituals"

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Sunita and Govinda are two people who are truly down-to-earth. They respect and love each other and are completely devoted to their family. They, together with their two children, Narmmadaa, and Yashvardhan, are a complete world. We wish them the best for their future years and hope that this family stays strong forever.

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