Love Story Of Vidya Balan And Siddharth Roy Kapur: A Chance Meeting To Becoming His Third Wife

Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur are one of the most loved Bollywood couples. Here is the complete love story of Vidya and Siddharth and how their chance meeting became a lifelong relationship.


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Love Story Of Vidya Balan And Siddharth Roy Kapur: A Chance Meeting To Becoming His Third Wife

The lady, who has won a National Film Award, six Filmfare awards, and even has a Padma Shri, had shocked everyone by tying the knot at the peak of her career. Her married life never became a barrier to her success and never stopped her from working in full force. Yes, we are talking about the very bold, Vidya Balan, who had married Siddharth Roy Kapur, a businessman, film producer and was the managing director of The Walt Disney Company, India.

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Vidya Balan was often linked with her co-stars, but in the end, she found someone, who was ready to shine for her always. Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur’s love story has been very humble, where a girl, who was apprehensive about losing her identity after marriage, had found someone, who understands every fibre of her being. From their first meeting to their wedding, here is the love story of Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur!

Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur's first meeting

Siddharth Roy Kapur Vidya Balan Love Story

Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur’s first meeting was a chance encounter as they had met for the first time at the backstage of Filmfare awards. While she works in front of the camera, he works behind the camera and yet they had connected instantly. Later, it was the Cupid of Bollywood, Karan Johar, who had seen a spark between them and had arranged a meeting for Vidya and Siddharth. Karan, being their common friend, knew that they are good for each other. In that first meeting, they became good friends, and that was the start of a potential love story.

Since Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur are famous in Bollywood, they could not go out much. They talked a lot to each other about everything. The habit of sharing things with each other had brought them closer and had made them understand each other better. While Vidya and Siddharth were trying to keep their relationship away from the media, soon, the rumours of their dating had started doing the rounds. While initially, both of them had refused any romantic relationship, later, the two were spotted getting mushy at Goa’s Baga beach, almost confirming the reports of their relationship.

Siddharth Roy Kapur proposed to Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan's Husband Siddharth Roy Kapur proposed her

The two had grown comfortable around each other and it was only after Siddharth had proposed to Vidya that they had thought about the seriousness of their relationship. It was in 2012 when Siddharth Roy Kapur had proposed marriage to Vidya Balan and she had agreed. It was in a May 2012 interview that Vidya had announced that she was dating Siddharth and talking about the proposal, she had shared:

"When Siddharth proposed, I couldn’t believe it initially. Since we were together, I knew we would talk marriage at some stage. And then, he popped the question and did not even wait for a reply. It was taken for granted! I could have gone on living without marriage, but I do not believe in live-in relationships because it may be difficult when you want a child. When he proposed, I was like, “Okay, so now we need to talk about it."

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Difficulties in Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur's wedding

Vidya Balan And Siddharth Roy Kapur wedding difficulties

Well, as they say, a love story is incomplete without troubles and difficulties, and Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur too had faced issues before tying the knot. As Siddharth is a two-time divorcee, Vidya’s family was quite apprehensive of her decision to get married to him. Even for Vidya, it was a difficult decision to get married when she was at the peak of her career. However, the actress was determined to be with the man she loved and was ready to face any challenges, be it in her career or from her family.  

Siddharth Roy Kapur's first and second wife

Siddharth Roy Kapur's wives

Siddharth Roy Kapur was first married to his childhood friend and first love, Aarti Bajaj, however, things did not go too well between them and they had parted ways. After divorce from his first wife, Aarti, Siddharth had tied the knot with a television producer, Kavita, however, in 2008, they had also parted ways. It was in the end of 2011 that Siddharth and Kavita were officially divorced.  

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Vidya Balan's affairs

Vidya Balan's affairs

When you are a part of the Bollywood industry or the glamour world, you are bound to be linked with your co-stars. Similar was the case with Vidya Balan, who was not just linked with one, but three of her co-stars.

Vidya Balan's affair with Saif Ali Khan 

Vidya Balan Saif Ali Khan Affair

Vidya Balan had made her Bollywood debut with the film, Parineeta in 2005, where she was casted opposite Saif Ali Khan. Even before the release of the film, the dating rumours of Saif and Vidya had hit the headlines, however, their alleged affair still remains a mystery as none of them ever reacted to it.  

Vidya Balan's affair with John Abraham 

Vidya Balan and John Abraham Affair

Vidya Balan was rumoured to be dating the handsome hunk of Bollywood, John Abraham during the shooting of their film, Salaam-e-Ishq in 2007. It was said that the two actors had gotten close to each other while shooting the lovemaking scene for the film.

Vidya Balan's affair with Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor and Vidya Balan Affair

Shahid Kapoor and Vidya Balan had met on the sets of their film, Kismat Konnection and the reports of their dating had started doing the rounds. Their alleged affair was the talk of the town for months even after the release of the film, but neither of them had confirmed the news. If rumours are to be believed, it was Shahid’s caustic remarks regarding Vidya's weight that had drifted them apart.

Vidya Balan had appeared on Karan Johar's popular chat show, Koffee With Karan, along with Rani Mukerji and had dropped a fiery statement while reacting to Shahid and her relationship rumours. She had said:

"You know, it's been two years since the linkup. I am fed up of the name Shahid Kapoor. I want to be linked with other men. I am not saying that there was no smoke and there wasn't fire. I am saying I am not telling you who was stoking that fire."

Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur's wedding

Vidya Balan Mehendi rasam

The wedding of Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur was coming together of two different wedding traditions, as Vidya is a South Indian while Siddharth is a Punjabi. The couple had decided to get married on December 14, 2012, by following the rituals from both cultures. Their wedding was a low-key affair, where there were no Bollywood biggies present. Only close friends and family were there.

Vidya Balan Siddharth Roy Kapur Wedding Pictures

Vidya and Siddharth’s sangeet ceremony was on December 11, 2012, and after their mehendi ceremony, Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur had tied the knot at a temple in Mumbai. The then-bride-and-groom had looked elegant in their understated attires. Vidya’s friend and designer, Sabyasachi Mukherjee had created a red and gold silk saree for her and her jewellery was designed by Amrapali. Siddharth Roy Kapur had donned a light mustard kurta with Lakhnavi kadhai. Post-wedding, the couple had made their first appearance in front of media and flashed the newly wedded glow.

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Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur's children

Vidya Balan Siddharth Roy Kapur's Children

It’s been almost nine years since Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur’s wedding, however, the two have not started their family yet. Vidya and Siddharth don’t have any kid as of now, yet the actress is often rumoured to be pregnant. Vidya is curvy and she likes it that way, however, owing to her physique, often, netizens speculate that she is pregnant. The rumours hit the headlines so often that it has irked the actress many times.

In a conversation with The Times Of India in 2014, when Vidya Balan was asked if she is pregnant, she had said:

“I’m fed up of these rumours. These days people look at my stomach when they talk to me. Inshallah, I will have a baby—but not so soon. I’m not mentally ready for motherhood yet. It’s a daunting task to be responsible for another human being.”

She had further talked about motherhood and how she feels it has nothing to do with age. She had said:

“Motherhood has nothing to do with age. This is a predicament most working women face today since they are getting married in their 30s. Many of my friends have told me that it’s fulfilling to wake up in the morning and look at your baby, clean him/her up--but it’s all so consuming. This would leave you with little energy for anything else. I don’t know how I’ll deal with that.”

Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur's house

Vidya Balan and her husband, Siddharth Roy Kapur have a lavish seaside house in the suburbs of Juhu, Mumbai. Their house is flushed with earthy tones and simplistic designs and is an amalgamation of vibrant art, wooden work and Indian heritage. Vidya’s love for colourful and rich Indian patterns is visible in her house and it deciphers the meaning of the minimalist lifestyle.  

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Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur's net worth

Siddharth Roy Kapur and Vidya Balan's net worth

Apart from being a producer, Siddharth Roy Kapur had also enjoyed the title of MD of The Walt Disney Co. India from which he had resigned in 2018. He is even a part and mostly presides over meetings of the Film and Television Producers Guild of India. He is also the founder and MD of Roy Kapur Films. According to Trendcelebsnow, Siddharth Roy Kapur's net worth was between Rs. 7 crores to Rs. 37 crores in 2020. On the other hand, according to, Vidya Balan’s net worth is estimated to be around Rs 134 crores with a monthly salary of Rs 1 crores. Together, Sidharth and Vidya’s net worth is estimated to be around 141 crores to 171 crores. 

Vidya Balan's relationship with her in-laws

Vidya Balan Keeps The Spark Alive In Her Marriage With Husband Siddharth Roy Kapur

It is often observed that the career of an actress nearly dies when she gets hitched. The roles that they get are not satisfactory enough. Even in general, it is the girl, who has to make various sacrifices in order to adjust with her in-laws. Luckily for Vidya, none of this was an issue. Things have changed for good for Vidya Balan after the wedding. In a conversation with IDiva, Vidya Balan had talked about her in-laws and had said:

"Because we do not live in a joint family, we do not come in each other’s spaces. I have gained a family, and so has he. My father-in-law is the most accepting person. They say a girl always looks for her father in her man. I will add that I have that even in my father-in-law. My mother-in-law is a professional, she is encouraging and enthusiastic. In a joint family when you share the same space or kitchen, it can become contentious. But, there is no scope for that with us."

Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur's married life

Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur married

Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapur have completed almost nine years of their married life. In an interview with ETimes, Vidya had talked about her married life and the lessons she has learnt. Vidya had said:

“What I have discovered in these eight years is that the work involved is the effort not to take the other person for granted, and therefore it’s been joyous. If you slip up there, it’s not as exciting, just becomes mundane. I love the work that is required to be put in to keep the marriage strong and exciting.”

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Vidya Balan is lucky to have found a man, who is mature enough to understand her career, and who gives her ample space. Siddharth Roy Kapur too found a woman, who is honest, independent and deep enough to realise that she has a duty towards her career as well as her family. We wish this couple all the luck and hope that their love grows stronger with time.