The 80s Fashion Makes A Comeback


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The 80s Fashion Makes A Comeback

India was introduced to the flashy, over-the-top, wild 80’s fashion mainly through Bollywood. It was a time when the whole country was moving to tunes of ‘Disco Dancer’, TV was slowing becoming our best friend and Madonna and Michael Jackson ruled Pop music and culture.

The 80's fashion was all about bright colours, polka dots, contrasting stripes, neon leggings and pointed boots. The leather jacket was introduced with straight side cuts and jodhpurs became popular among the masses. Men, women, teens, children and the old, everyone embraced this sudden birth of self-expression and extravagance.

The 80’s are here again

The popular fashion of 80’s saw indulgence with heavy beaded necklaces, miniskirts, flared jeans, bell bottoms, elaborate side burns, bandanas, pop pink nail polish and high heels. Contemporary fashion shows a clear bias towards the 80’s and those bold clothes are making a sure comeback on the ramps and in daily wear. Although the avatar is new, it has retained the basic flavour of retro fashion.

The decade of jubilance

It was the decade when gym wear became main stream and leggings were paired with sweaters. Coats, suits and jackets sported shoulder pad and protruding edges. Floral prints were a rage in any dress and shirts were wide collared.

This was the time India flaunted off shoulder tops and chiffon sarees in a single breath. Fishnet stocking, flashy bracelets and tight trousers were everyone’s staple. Everything was over the top, larger than life.

This trend returned in the late 2000s and everyone from celebrities to the common buyer is back to being Boho chic. Again it is Bollywood which heralded the return for popular fashion of 80’s. Big label designers have gauged the public demand and are coming up with retro collections. The shine and glitter is back and no one is complaining.

80’s hairstyles are back!

The trend is clearly visible in hairstyles too. Hair colour, streaks, beads, braids, buns, puffs and curls are back. The latest bumps are made on the head tops and the front is often parted. Men are growing their hair to shoulder lengths and experimenting with layers, highlights and fringes. It’s the time for self-expression again.

Make up and accessories

The makeup and accessories during the peak of 80’s fashion consisted of loud lip colours, whacky hair-dos and elaborate eye makeup. Eye makeup especially was the most dominant aspect of the 80’s style. It is back with experimentation in glossy hues, bright tones and contrasting shades. Long necklaces, piercings, body art and tattoo are back and rings have made a surprise comeback. Finger rings, toe rings, nose pins, hoop ear rings, sequined jackets and stone studded hand bags are also back in the stores.

The popular fashion of 80’s was all about signature style statements. These are the styles we still follow. Puffed sleeves, geometric prints, cardigans, ponchos, pointed boots and stilettos are loved by one and all. Looks like, the 80’s are back and are here to stay for a long, long time. 

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