Taimur Ali Khan, Yash And Roohi Johar's Play Date Video Is The Cutest Video Of The Year


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Taimur Ali Khan, Yash And Roohi Johar's Play Date Video Is The Cutest Video Of The Year

Celeb kids are ruling the social media like how these days and have surpassed the stardom of their star parents in just a couple of years. Any of their pic or video, and it goes viral in a blink. Now, we are about to show you a play date video of three of the cutest celeb kids- Taimur Ali Khan, Yash Johar and Roohi Johar, which you would definitely call the ‘cutest video of the year’ in the end. (Also Read: 10 Celeb Kids Who Are A Carbon Copy Of Their Parents, Childhood Pictures Prove)

So, in a tub full of balls, lie Taimur, Yash and Roohi chilling and enjoying their Sunday. Yash and Roohi’s papa, Karan Johar plays the cameraman and commentator, and Taimur’s mommy, Kareena Kapoor Khan could be seen eating! 

Taimur Ali Khan Yash And Roohi Johar Play Date Video

The cutest part of the video is when Taimur is totally lost and engrossed in his play date and Karan calls him by his name and the little munchkin doesn’t listen to him, and finally Karan calls him ‘Khan’, Taimur looks up and gives KJo his new gunda look! Check out the video yourself here:



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Take a good hard look at the above video and play it on a loop, guys! It’s not every day when we get to see a video this cute. Every time, we happen to stumble upon the pics of this trio- Taimur, Yash and Roohi, we can’t help but are glued to their pics and videos. Last month, on Tusshar Kapoor’s son, Laksshya Kapoor's second birthday bash, these three were seen enjoying to the fullest. (Read More: Taimur Ali Khan, Roohi And Yash Johar Enjoy Dancing And Playing At Lakkshya Kapoor's 2nd B'day Bash)

Lakkshya Kapoor and Taimur Ali Khan

Undeniably, this common wave of cuteness and love that these celeb kids project together brings not only themselves together but also their parents. In an interview recently, Tusshar Kapoor had spoken about the possibility of Laksshya and Taimur being future BFFs, and was quoted as saying, “That completely depends on what school they go to. Kids make friends at schools, colleges and then in the profession that they choose. It’s too filmy to predict that Laksshya and Taimur will be best friends too. People like assuming things and that’s fine. I grew up with a lot of my father’s friends’ kids. I had Riddhima Kapoor Sahni, Goldie Behl, Hrithik Roshan and today, we’re just family friends. We have our own groups”.

Taimur Ali Khan Yash And Roohi Johar Play Date Video

In fact, even Karan Johar was earlier seen acknowledging the fact that because of Taimur, Yash and Roohi, KJo and Bebo meet often now. He was quoted as saying, “It’s the same. We don’t meet that often. Now, thanks to our kids, at least we meet every now and then. The kids are not really aware because they still don’t know each other. At this age, they are just happy playing with each other. They are just familiar with the face. They are too young to recognise that strongly and miss each other. Taimur and Laksshya are at an age where they want to be around each other to just play. The whole sharing and playing, with these kids only will come when they are two-three”. (Don't Miss: Wifey Maanayata Dutt Sings, 'Kya Yahi Pyar Hai' For Hubby Sanjay Dutt On Her Own Birthday)

Taimur Ali Khan Yash And Roohi Johar Play Date Video

For the uninitiated ones, Taimur Ali Khan was born on December 20, 2016, to Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan and has since then been netizens and paparazzi’s favourite. Yash Johar and Roohi Johar, on the other hand, were born on February 7, 2017, through surrogacy to Karan Johar.

Wow! Guys, do let us know as to what you think about Taimur Ali Khan, Yash Johar and Roohi Johar’s play date video, in the comments section below.

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