Tahira Kashyap Reveals She Would Have Cursed Hubby, Ayushmann Khurrana For Her Anxiety And Stress

In an interview with the Bombay Times on World Cancer Day (February 4, 2020), Tahira Kashyap revealed that she would have cursed hubby, Ayushmann Khurrana for her anxiety and stress during cancer.


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Tahira Kashyap Reveals She Would Have Cursed Hubby, Ayushmann Khurrana For Her Anxiety And Stress

When we hear the word, cancer, we all think of all the bad things and dangerous symptoms of the disease and how people fight with it. The symptoms and side effects of the deadly disease and its treatment leave marks on a survivor’s lives and sometimes they flaunt them as a badge of pride and honour. And one such celebrity, who flaunts her marks with utmost pride and courage is none other than breast cancer survivor, Tahira Kashyap. Since the day, she had found out about her cancer till the date, she has been motivating people about the disease and how to deal with the side effects and symptoms. Her motivational social media posts and inspirational talks on the issue has been inspiring the lives of millions. Her husband, Ayushmann Khurrana has many times stated that he is proud to have Tahira in his life and gets motivated after seeing her courage and dedication to fight the deadly disease and emerge as a warrior. (Recommended Read: Isha Ambani Repeating Lehenga For Armaan Jain-Anissa Malhotra's Wedding Proves She's Just Like Us)

Ayushmann Khurrana had made an appearance on his wife, Tahira Kashyap’s podcast show, My Ex-Breast and had called her his ‘victorious queen.’ The episode was titled as Yes Sir, it’s Cancer and it had discussed the events that went on since Tahira’s cancer was first detected. Ayushmann had said that even though they were together in this fight he was always so inspired by her and he saw that she has become even stronger than him and the transformation was a miracle and came at the right time and it gave her the strength to face everything head-on, and now she is his victorious queen, standing in front of him. Tahira has always been vocal about her personal life and has discussed personal events of her life and family with the followers.

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Recently, in an interview with the Bombay Times, on World Cancer Day (February 4, 2020), Tahira Kashyap revealed that she would have cursed her husband, Ayushmann Khurrana for her anxiety and stress during cancer. She revealed, "I’ve evolved over the last three years. Had it been the earlier me, I would have had anxiety and stress. I would have felt defeated and cursed my husband because we tend to blame the spouse for everything that goes wrong. It’s a common tendency in people. But I changed when I discovered what I was suffering from. It makes you feel bad, but you have to find the resilience to deal with it. Today, as a filmmaker, I’m game to knock on doors till people hear me. Now, I am more determined to make it happen than I ever was. There’s a feature film I am working on and with that, I plan to make up for the lost time. I need to prove myself. If I get success on a platter, it will probably be because of my husband. He has struggled on his own for years and achieved what he has. This is my struggle and it has to be mine, entirely. I’m glad that I’m on a journey of my own.” (Suggested Read: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, And Aaradhya Grace Armaan Jain's Wedding In Style)

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Tahira further spoke about facing any difficulty professionally to find her own space as her husband, Ayushmann is an established star. She said, “Ayushmann and I go a long way together. We did theatre together for 10 years, after which he became a radio jockey, a TV host and then an actor. I stuck to a corporate job and wrote and directed plays on the side because I didn’t have the conviction to make a career out of it. I come from a family of educationists, and we’re taught to make stability the premise of life. In both our families, no one had ventured into this business. Ayushmann made his way with his conviction and achieved what he dreamt of. He had found his calling while I dabbled in jobs that I wasn’t happy with.” 

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Tahira added further, “I was full of doubt and insecurity about where I was headed. When a partner becomes successful, people know you through him. The onus is yours to change that. Today, my name goes as Kashyap-Khurrana. I’m evolved, confident and in agreement with who I am. It would have been the easiest for me to ask my husband to start a company for me or to get me to work but that won’t make me happy. It’s not me. I’ve been trying to make a feature for long. Even when I made my first short, Toffee, which was partly sponsored by Ayushmann, I was very restless till someone bought it over and everyone got their money back. People take a long time to invest even Rs 500 in your work. The lull can be demotivating.”

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Ayushmann Khurrana, in an earlier interview with the Bombay Times, had stated that he wants Tahira to direct him in a feature film. Tahira commented on the same and said, “At home, we’re equals but professionally, he’s my senior now. He may want me to direct him, but I also have to be in a position to do that. I have to earn it, and he has to like my script. It doesn’t seem right to start my feature with him in it just because he’s my husband.”

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Tahira concluded the interview by talking about the secret of keeping her marriage strong and connected with Ayushmann and said, “I respect my man and he respects me, too. I want to give him the space to grow while I find my way and he wants to give me my share of that space. When two people in a relationship believe in giving, the relationship blossoms. It’s not the tag of marriage that holds Ayushmann and me together, we’re companions. When I was pregnant and almost disconnected from the world around me, my partner did everything to keep me abreast with things. Till date, he shares his music with me, and I tell him which books he should read. When struggles and success are shared, relationships shine.” (Must Read: Kajol Shares 'Sun Shiny Day' Pictures With Daughter, Nysa, Mother-Daughter Flash Their Best Smile)

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Kudos to Tahira Kashyap and Ayushmann Khurrana for motivating millions of people!

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