4 Superb Ideas To Create E-Wedding Invites That Will Awe Your Guests


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4 Superb Ideas To Create E-Wedding Invites That Will Awe Your Guests

The world as we know it, has transformed into a global village. The vast expanses have converged in such a way that everything and everyone is just a peep and a hoot away.  Like every form of communication (mails, social network platforms, greeting cards etc.), wedding invitations too have taken the leap into the E-age. An E-Card is an invitation that is fashioned very similarly to that of a physical paper invite, but sent via Email, Whatsapp or any other means via the Internet.

Here are some creative ideas to create an E-Card that will definitely ‘wow’ your guests!

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#1. Design it yourself to say your story

Who doesn’t like to create their own wedding invite? Using online E-Card design websites can save your time and get you a professional looking invitation in minutes. Dig into the repository of digital assets and templates to mix and match to create your custom card. For example, are you from 2 different states? Why not say your story with an invite fashioned like a movie poster?

#2. Give a glimpse of your tradition

Embrace your culture and show your tradition with colourful cartoons and festive backgrounds. If you have friends from different parts of the world, this is a cool way to give them a glimpse of what to expect on your wedding day.

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#3. Create a video invite

Remember Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu’s fun, monkey-themed video invite? That is exactly what we are talking about. You can go plain-Jane and choose a simple, static E-Card, or stimulate your audience with a fun interactive one. Choose a video with groovy beats to tell your story, or spruce it up with chic animation. You can also string it all together with your own voice-over commentary!

#4. Make it artsy

Make your invitation classy and artistic by incorporating Indian art form styles – Madhubani, Kalmkari, Tanjore painting or Pattacharitra. It cannot go wrong. These intricate styles will keep the guests hooked to your E-card.

Expert tips to design an E-invite

  • Decide on the theme and color palette before you start designing. If not, you will end up with a zillion options to confuse you.
  • Keep it simple. E-invites should not be more than a page. Make it easy and engaging for your guests to look through your invitation.
  • Fancy fonts do not work. Go in for simple, soft fonts to convey your wedding message.
  • Finally, trying to design the invite yourself with Illustrator and Photoshop can be a time suck. Use an online invitation design website to get started.

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So, now that you have some of the most amazing ideas to make your wedding invite more environment-friendly, guest-friendly and pocket-friendly, do not wait to design a dreamy card for your fairytale wedding, and give your guests something to cherish.

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