Sunny Leone Talks About Being Bullied During Childhood, Shares How It Impacted Her Life As An Adult

Sunny Leone is one gorgeous actress of the glamour world. In a recent interview, the diva talked about being bullied during her childhood.


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Sunny Leone Talks About Being Bullied During Childhood, Shares How It Impacted Her Life As An Adult

We all have faced some troubles during our childhood. Be it with our studies or having some unpleasant memories during our teenage days, majority of us have been a part of some or the other issue. Being bullied is counted among one of them. Dominance, abuse, threat or use of force to demean or scare someone are some of the features of bullying and unfortunately, it is a part of a child’s growing up years. It not just hurts an individual physically, but also hampers them mentally and emotionally, making them vulnerable. Some talk about being bullied and some keep it to themselves but its existence is very much there. And actress, Sunny Leone was a victim of the same. (Also Read: Shilpa Shetty Kundra Enjoys On A Trampoline With Viaan Raj Kundra, Proving Why Age Is Just A Number)

Born as Karenjit Kaur Vohra to Sikh Indian parents in Canada, Sunny Leone was a self-described tomboy during her childhood. Although the family was Sikh, Sunny’s parents had enrolled her in a Catholic School as it had felt unsafe for brown kids or any ethnicity other than white, to go to a public school. In 2006, Sunny had become an American citizen and in 2009, she had tied the knot with Daniel Weber in a Sikh and Jewish ceremony.

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In an interview with The Times of India, Sunny opened up about being bullied during her childhood and revealed how due to her Indian looks, she went through some bullying. Talking about the same, she said, “I wasn't bullied to the degree that I think some people were bullied, I was a light-skinned Indian girl with black, dark hair on her arms and legs and face and very awkward looking, not very well dressed. So yeah, there was some bullying, it's not fun.”


Sunny further shared the negativity of bullying and how it is a vicious circle as the one being bullied, ends bullying somebody else. Revealing how the effects of being bullied stayed in her life, Sunny stated, “Some of that bullying has carried through my entire life which is not a great feeling. But I think, for those people out there. Bullying is like a circle, it goes around So usually when we see people who are bullied, they end up usually bullying somebody else. So, if you are being bullied maybe we can make a conscious effort to not bully and treat others maybe how we are being treated also taking a stand for yourself, usually, bullies are cowards. And the second that you take a stand. Make your statement or tell someone to stop. That's usually, sometimes it might work, I wouldn't say that it would always work, because they don't want to build false hope. But I think if you're consistent, and you ask for help from people around you, then that cycle of abuse will stop.” (Also Read: K.G.F. Star Yash And Radhika Pandit's Romantic Picture From Their Maldives Getaway Is A Visual Treat)

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Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber are living a perfectly happy life with their three adorable kids, Nisha Kaur Weber, Asher Singh Weber, and Noah Singh Weber. Sunny had won the hearts of millions when she had adopted a 21-month-old baby girl, Nisha Kaur Weber on July 16, 2017. After one-year, Sunny Leone and her husband, Daniel Weber had completed their family and had announced the birth of their twins, Asher Singh Weber and Noah Singh Weber, born through surrogacy. Since then, their lives have turned into a paradise, and the doting parents make sure to update their fans about their little munchkins with adorable pictures.

Sunny Leone Kids Raksha Bandhan

On April 9, 2020, Sunny and Daniel had completed nine years of their 'happily ever after'. Daniel had taken to his Instagram handle and had shared an anniversary wish for his 'darling wife', Sunny. He had posted a picture with her and had written, "Happy anniversary to @sunnyleone! Happy to at least have a glass of wine with you tonight! Promise you a more romantic date when your not locked up with me against your will. Love you baby! I would say, thank you for dealing with me every day but you actually have no choice." (Also Read: BB14: Rubina Dilaik Strongly Reacts On Rahul Vaidya's Remark 'Joh Apni Biwi Ka Nahi Ho Saka')

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Do you also have any unpleasant memories of being bullied during childhood? Let us know.

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