7 Interesting And Delicious Substitutes For Indian Wedding Sweets


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7 Interesting And Delicious Substitutes For Indian Wedding Sweets

At your wedding, as the photographer is merrily clicking pictures and your friends are giggling with joy, a queue of people will be lined up to meet you and your spouse. All these guests are waiting for their chance to wish you luck and to show their happiness by feeding you laddoos and barfi one after the other. The last bit sounds scary, right? Well, you would have to deal with this at your wedding.

Couples, who put in a lot of thought in their wedding decor, menu and clothes, fail to do anything innovative with their wedding mithai. The result? They are fed ghee-laden laddoos, barfis and pedas. If you don’t want to get stuck in this situation, then replace the traditional Indian wedding mithais with these interesting substitutes.

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#1. Gems

Almost everyone loves the chocolaty sugar-coated colourful little Gems. Then why not keep a bowlful of them at your wedding functions? Gems are really small in size, and you would not mind it if someone feeds you these little treats. On the plus side, even your guests will be delighted to see something so innovative at a wedding! You can also customise Gems by getting your initials printed on them.

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#2. Dry fruit chocolate rocks

Dry fruit rocks are innovative yet traditional at the same time. They are very easy to make. All you have to do is coat your favourite dry fruits with a layer of premium dark or milk chocolate, or get them sugar-coated. You can also hire a chocolatier to do it for you. These rocks are healthy, as they are not too sweet. So, you can munch on them as much as you want, without feeling too stuffed!

#3. Mini cupcakes

Adorable and cute are the two words that come to your mind whenever you think of mini cupcakes. Just imagine a platter full of miniature, colourful delicacies at your wedding! Mini cupcakes also give you the freedom to go for interesting flavours like red velvet, chocolate, strawberry, cream, and so on. You can even get cute messages and pictures printed on them! With so many delicious factors about them, we are sure your guests will not be able to resist taking a bite of them, along with feeding them to you.

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#4. Bite-sized cookies

Flavourful and pretty, these miniature cookies will definitely steal the limelight at your wedding. Your guests will forget about laddoo and barfi, when they see them. Chocolate chip, coconut crunch, tangy orange and sweet strawberry are some of the flavours we recommend for an Indian wedding. But, you can definitely get creative and come up with some unique flavour for your wedding. You can also get creative with interesting shapes, like hearts, stars and letters. 

#5. Fondue

Fondue basically is a sweet dish in which small pieces of food are dipped into a hot sauce. Fruits, marshmallows, mini brownies and even mithais go really well with chocolate fondue. Your guests can choose the dipper of their choice and then coat it with delicious fondue and pop it right into your mouth! What's more? Keep some interesting sprinklers on the side as well, to make these treats even more delectable. Since, the size and flavours of these delicacies are in your hands, so make them as small as you want to go down your throat.

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#6. Some salty treats

While sweets are traditionally considered to be the best way to wish couples good luck on their wedding, you can always add your personal touch to your wedding. So, if you think that you cannot handle eating so many sweets, just switch over to some mini snacks in-between such as canapés, cheese fondue, or some variety of crackers.

#7. Get bold

Well, sweet and salty are not the only things you can get innovative with. Here are some more ways in which you can get adventurous in substituting the wedding mithais. Keep miniature slices of your favourite veggies, just like a bowl of salad. Seems like a very healthy way to enter your post-wedding life, we say! Or get more daring with small sized golgappas. This will definitely be symbolic of all the meetha-khatta (sweet and sour) things that will come in your wonderful life from now on!

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So, kiss your traditional wedding sweets goodbye, and gorge on these interesting substitutes as much as you like!

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