Stylish And Easy Hairstyles You Must Try This Monsoon


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Stylish And Easy Hairstyles You Must Try This Monsoon

Unless you sport a pixie or a bob cut you will have nothing to complain about the rainy season. But if you have anywhere from middle-length to long hair, you will dread monsoons. You can neither avoid humidity nor the frizz that tags along. Well, if your hair too are entangled in such woes, then it is time to give your strands a stylish yet practical twist this season. So, here is a do-it-yourself cheat sheet to get your hair monsoon ready!

#1. Side-braided ponytail

The easiest way to keep hair off your face during this humid weather is with a ponytail. But, it is no fun if you don’t experiment! So, let us replace your plain Jane ponytail with a side-braided ponytail.

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Styling tips:

  • Make a side-part and take a small section of your hair from the front left side to your left temple and let it hang loose like a flick.
  • Now split your hair (a section of it, again) into three and give it a simple weave to make a braid.
  • To make your braid look thicker, stretch it a bit and secure the end of the braid with a rubber band.
  • Now gather rest of your hair into a ponytail.
  • After that, take the rubber band off the braid, so that you secure both the braid and the ponytail with one elastic/rubber band.
  • In order to hide the band, you can very carefully with a small piece of your hair cover the band.  

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#2. Ballerina bun

A bun never goes out of fashion whether it is on or off the ramp. And, with damp days fast approaching, you can sport this bun with a twist.

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Styling tips:

  • Dampen your hair (not scalp!) slightly with wet fingers, and then brush out any knots.
  • Secure your hair in a high ponytail using an elastic band.
  • Now brush your hair again, and twist it to give it a tight rope-like look.
  • Very carefully, wrap your hair tightly around the base of your ponytail and pin your hair with bobby pins before finally securing the end of your ponytail hair into the ponytail base.
  • Since a ballerina bun is supposed to be neat, make sure these is not a single strand of hair straying on your face or off the bun as well. If your hair is frizzy then use a hair spray to tame your hair around the forehead.

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#3. Vintage Roll-and-tuck

Who says we need a time machine to go back in time? Here is a retro-inspired roll-and-tuck hairstyle that will set some eyeballs rolling! It will look spectacular on those with curly hair and make the frizzy curls look tamed!

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Styling tips:

  • You can either do a middle-part or a deep side-part, and then section your hair on either sides and roll and pin them up.
  • Gather the rest of your hair in to a low pony and secure with an elastic band.
  • Try to part your ponytail hair (right above the band) slightly using your fingers and try to tuck your hair into the parting.
  • Now braid your hair you sectioned in step 1. You can choose to give it a simple weave or go for a French braid.
  • Once you have done this, pull the braids back to the hair rolled and tucked in step 3, and pin it.

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#4. Milkmaid Braid

The milkmaid braid looks best on all face shapes, but works best on those with long hair for it becomes easier to braid long tresses.

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Styling tips:

  • Brush your hair and middle-part your hair to create two equal sections.
  • Right at the nape (both left and right), start plaiting your hair in a classic three-strand braid and secure it with an elastic band.
  • Drape the braids across your forehead and pin them on opposite sides. You can style the braids with flowers if you can carry it off with confidence!

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Not only will these hairstyles come handy during monsoons, but also work as an all-time ‘must-sport’ hairstyles all-round the year!


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