5 Stunning Wedding Photo Shoots That Will Definitely Blow Your Mind With Ideas


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5 Stunning Wedding Photo Shoots That Will Definitely Blow Your Mind With Ideas

Couples start screening and shortlisting wedding photographers months ahead of their wedding because they want a perfect storybook-like wedding album. And, why not? It is the day that marks the beginning of a new chapter in their life!

While most shots make you go ‘aww’, there are lucky few that are not only outstanding, but also jaw-dropping because of a surreal element attached to it. Well, these can either be manipulated through photoshop and after-effects or can naturally drop into the lap on the wedding day. So, we decided to showcase some of the photographs that went viral for all the right reasons. Check those out!

Who invited the T-Rex?!

Remember watching Jurassic Park as kids, and how you were in awe of those larger-than-life dinosaurs? While most of us outgrow such childhood fascinations, but Jason Lowder's obsession grew exponentially. So much so that he wanted dinosaurs to be a part of his wedding photograph! He shared this idea with his Louisiana-based wedding photographer, Quinn Miller, and rest was a fun-filled chaos! 

Photograph Courtesy: Quinn Miller

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Jason's better half, Katie Young, too loved the concept and enthusiastically agreed to be a part of this whacky idea! While preparing for the shot (obviously without the real T-Rex), Quinn told everyone, “Run right at the camera, away from the T-Rex, as passionately as you can. I need to see fear and actual running, not lame faces and power walking.” Jason and Katie’s friends gave their best and made the photograph stand out with their real life, priceless expressions– proof of which is the above photograph!

Well, here is another such Jurrasic Park-inspired wedding photo that we found on Reddit.

 In this photograph, the photoshop has been done by the groom himself!

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A fire give this couple’s photos a wild twist

Couples plan their pre-wedding and wedding shoot with their photographer, but what if you chance upon a situation where you have no second choice because the situation is unavoidable? Michael Wolbler and April Hartley, found themselves in one of those situations. The couples had no idea that there would be a wild fire around their wedding venue. 

Photograph Courtesy: Josh Newton

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The bride’s father for safety reasons informed the friends and relatives that the site had to be evacuated. But, their wedding photographer, Josh Newton, had different plans in his mind. For whatever time they had in hand he decided to capture the couple against the fierce background.

We particularly loved the shot where the bride posed with the wildfire providing a stunning background to her photograph. Now, this is an effect worth using in photoshop, right?

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The wedding minister married the couple quickly before evacuation and this is how the magic was created! The photographer on his Facebook page posted the stunning pictures saying, “The situation showed everyone at the wedding what really mattered – the people and the couple. The location change didn’t affect the wedding at all, it was the most beautiful day.”

Photograph Courtesy: Josh Newton

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Tornado photo-bombs a wedding

Talking about nature photo-bombing your wedding photos, well it cannot get bigger and scarier than this! With a tornado forming behind them, it was a dream photo-shoot for the fearless Canadian couple and their photographer, Colleen Niska. In one of the photographs the couple look astonishingly comfortable despite the powerful swirl behind them.

Photograph Courtesy: Colleen Niska

They are seen strolling on the gravel road in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, holding hands and looking each other in the eye! Colleen posted the photographs on her Facebook page stating, “I've dreamed about a day like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could NOT wait to post these! Pretty sure this will only happen once in my lifetime!”

Photograph Courtesy: Colleen Niska

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The environment needs us!

China’s capital city, Beijing, is popular for a wrong reason, which irks environmentalists the most: pollution. In February this year, the city was under smog panic, with aircrafts had to be grounded and roads were closed.

In protest, a Chinese couple posed in their wedding outfits and gas masks around Guomao Bridge. The masks apparently were worn to shield themselves from the toxic smog and to also underline the fact that how polluted their city truly is.

The recorded level of toxic PM (Particulate Matter) in Beijing is 20 times higher than acceptable norm of 25.

Photograph Courtesy: HAP/Quirky China News/REX

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The photographs are definitely a jilt for anyone who loves weddings, nature and the environment. Imagine beginning your new phase of life being photographed in a smog-swallowed city?

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Show love…for your job!

Well, weddings are about taking a break from your busy, stressful, mundane life, especially your work, right? Not for this one couple. Here is a cop who loves his job as much as his bride and his wedding.

Photograph Courtesy: The Chongqing Armed Police Corps (these photos were published on Chinese microblogging website Weibo)

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Weilin Hou, who is on the special police force in the city of Chongqing, turned up for work with his bride.

These photos were published on Chinese microblogging website, Weibo

It truly looks like women do love men in uniform, and now we see men love their uniforms too! Well, Hou’s job requires him to be available for his duty 24-hours. And, since he had no time to travel to any exotic location for a pre-wedding or engagement shoot, the couple decided to make their ‘job’ a part of their wedding photos itself!

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Didn't we tell you these photographs and the story behind them will certainly blow your mind? Well, with wedding season around the corner, we will be getting you more exciting and amazing photography ideas from around the world to inspire you. So, stay tuned to BollywoodShaadis.com for more!



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