Stunning Photographs That Will Inspire You To Use Umbrellas For Your Wedding Shoot


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Stunning Photographs That Will Inspire You To Use Umbrellas For Your Wedding Shoot

Who says you need an umbrella on sunny and rainy days only! Let us introduce you to a few couples who went ahead and used it as an interesting prop to add character to their photographs. You will absolutely love the idea. Besides, don’t blame us if you also get seduced by the idea of incorporating it in your wedding photos too! Above all, discuss it with your wedding photographer and conceptualise it, well in time.

Here are a few interesting ideas to add umbrellas in your wedding photos. Take a look!

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#1. Vintage wins

Image Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

This photograph redefines vintage and takes us back into the Victorian era when lacy parasols were quite a rage! Together with the soft-hued gown of the bride-to-be and her prince charming’s suited-booted look, the vintage vibe wins our praise for daring to be different!

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#2. False sun rays

Image Courtesy: Jodi Clickers

You need a couple, much-in-love, to get cosy under an umbrella which isn’t as big to take two under its cover. The photographer explores this idea and gets them stand under artificial light, and creates a magical photograph in twilight. We heart it completely!

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#3. Ek se bhale do

Image Courtesy: Arjun Kartha Photography

Here’s a hand-embroidered umbrella which helps the couple make a fashion statement literally, quite effortlessly. You get a sense of a distinct modern era Raja-Rani charm in this photo, which is amplified with the combo of East-meets-West vis-à-vis their outfit and those stylish sunglasses!  

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#4. Umbrella elsewhere

Image Courtesy: Stories By Joseph Radhik

If you think getting a photograph with an umbrella overhead is a little too much for you, then go for such photographs in your resort with stationary parasols by the pool! Talk about ek teer se do nishaane, eh?

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#5. Kahin door jab din dhal jaaye

Image Courtesy: Instagram

If you’ve already decided on having a couple of photographs with an umbrella, then this silhouette shot is a must in your wedding album! All you’ve got to do is find a perfect sunset spot and you’re ready for this classic photograph! If you’re thinking that it’s a cliché and can be given a miss, think again!

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You have fallen for the idea of using umbrella in your wedding album, haven’t you?  We warned you before already, so don’t blame us!