12 Stunning Canopy Designs To Make Your Wedding Decor A Spectacular One


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12 Stunning Canopy Designs To Make Your Wedding Decor A Spectacular One

When it comes to wedding decor, there is one thing that surely garners a lot of attention, however, a lot of people have been giving it a miss. That’s the canopy or the wedding mandap that hosts various sacred ceremonies like phera, kanyadan and varmala too in some cases. So, for displaying that big-day decor, taking heartfelt vows, putting the sindoor or saying ‘I do’, we give you a lowdown on some of the picture-perfect canopy designs; from the traditional to the truly chic.

The innovative and edgy designs will not only be a perfect way to host a stunning ‘vow taking’ ceremony, but also reflect your personal style and taste.

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#1. Floral flare

A garden-like arrangement during the wedding proceedings will surely add to the flavour of the moment. The vibrancy of the fresh flowers will make the mandap (canopy) like an epicentre of the entire wedding. Orchids, gerbera and birds of paradise bunched together on arches and pillars will lend instant brightness and fun to the atmosphere. Taking pheras amidst such an elegant floral preparation will look like something straight out of a celebrity wedding.

#2. Charismatic kalash

The kalash set-up is one of the most common and best things about any Indian wedding. The pillars done in beautiful and impressive kalash (pots) will pair perfectly with the sacred ceremony and backdrop. Apart from making a beautiful impact, the auspicious metal pots or traditional earthen pots will also give the couple a calming effect. The gorgeous mandap under the sky done with different kalash will take everyone’s breath away.

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#3. Dome-shaped canopy

There is a reason why a huge dome-shaped mandap is always a chic showstopper. It’s striking, grand, traditional and regal. Besides, it is artistic and a sign of prosperity too. So, the dome canopy studded and adorned with a large number of flowers can surely create a fairytale setting and can totally transform your wedding space into a beautiful heaven.

#4. Oh-so-rosy

Anything carved or done in abundance of rich roses look resplendent and relaxing. So, to have your wedding look like fallen out of a storybook; spread the magic with luxurious red or deep pink roses. Velvety flower accents adorned to the ceiling, strung to the pillars of the canopy or spread all over the roof will add an extra edge of elegance to your wedding decor. The couple can well fly off to a ‘Once Upon A Time’ land while they are saying ‘I do’.

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#5. Rustic bamboos

Ever wondered that the rustic village-thing can take your wedding theme to a different level altogether? For those who think outside the box can opt for a unique and innovative bamboo decor for their wedding canopy. The wild and Woodstock-inspired mandap will make for a super desi setting for the lovebirds under it. This is a creative and chic design that would also work well for a simple low-budget wedding.

#6. The light patterns

You may be the modern day king and queen but nothing can match up to the old vibes that flickering flames can lend. So, for that warm and glowing decoration and that dreamy impact, you must go for the soothing T-lights, open bulbs, candle-lights, fairy lights or pillar candles. The sweet lighting will exude an intimate charm making the place of your pyre a paradise. A beautiful canopy unleashing warmth and wonder are a great way to stimulate a romantic ambience around the couple. Choose the lightings from the colour family of red and orange and it would definitely complete the look.

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#7. Into the woods

For your bond to be as wild, free and enchanted as you are, go for the forest-themed canopy. The profusion of flowers, twinkling tiny bulbs on branches, artificial trees will almost offer a forest touch to your sacred spot. The coral drapes, swirling twigs on the roof and leaf accents too will blend with your nature theme. Green moss, red roses and white carnations can well be incorporated to sweep the guests off their feet and let the couple romance the woods.

#8. Sizzling streamers

Long colourful streamers attached to the ceiling and side of the canopy poles are bound to attract attention.  The most popular tool in today’s weddings, streamers just can’t disappoint you. It’s offbeat, quirky and gives a gorgeous wedding decor theme. Saying your vows amidst a picturesque streamer set-up will add to the memories.

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#9. Gorgeous garlands

Having strands of marigold, jasmine or roses hung all around you will make your vows more effective and romantic. The pretty flower trails all over the arch, dome and pillars will give a stunning effect and will definitely help you have your moments in utter peace and leisure. Flower garlands look magical and add freshness and a vibrant touch to any occasion.

#10. Open canopy

You need not have anything else when you have pillars of love by your side. With just the pillars around you, you can have your fairytale moments. Have the archway done supported on various pillars arranged in a square or hexagon (5 pillars) setting. You can decorate the pillars with flowers, balloons, kaliras or ribbons; the choice is yours. Your dreams will come to life with this simple arrangement.

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#11. Flowy fabrics

It is one of the most traditionally popular choices we can say. There is nothing new to this concept but the thin and flowy thing is still the best. To add the beautiful look and glow to the space, one can chose the fabric accordingly. Satin, silk, cotton, nylon and velvet can be the beautiful and most versatile choice to create a sacred shell. Fabrics designed in different panels and moulds can give your decor a luxe and affluent touch.

#12. Clear canopy

Not everything about the wedding must have heavy detailing. If you don’t believe in extravagance, you can go for a subtle and contemporary canopy with a clear vinyl top. The understated mandap will give a wow effect to the overall decor. Besides, it’s simple, classy and elegant. Also, there is an added bonus of being protected from sun and rain. What say?

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Well, it’s time to upgrade your wedding decor and give your canopy styling a twist. Hanging garlands, flowers or light; you can go for themes that best suits your occasion and budget. The unique designs will help you accentuate the beauty of your wedding space and ambience. Get ready to give your wedding a masterpiece exactly the way a great story is given a great title.

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