What Is Hair Dusting? Treat Split Ends And Damaged Hair, Learn How To Do It At Home

A revolutionary treatment in itself, hair dusting can help control split ends and damaged hair, without the fear of reducing hair length and volume.


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What Is Hair Dusting? Treat Split Ends And Damaged Hair, Learn How To Do It At Home

Healthy long hair is the desired dream of every woman out there. But with constant lifestyle changes and hectic schedules, it has become quite unattainable at the same time. Although long hair is highly desirable, it surely brings along the fear of excessive hair damage, and most importantly, the problem of split ends. But what if we were to tell you that having long hair without the fear of damage or split ends is not unattainable anymore? Well, you heard that right. With the new technique of hair dusting, you are sure to get back long, shiny, smooth and damage-free hair in no time. Curious to know all about it, then let us learn more!

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What is hair dusting?

Bringing forth a completely new take on hair cutting techniques, hair dusting is primarily a technique that retains the original length of the hair while extensively removing the split ends, fly-aways and damaged hair sections. Trusted by hair experts and professionals globally, the dusting of hair provides a long-term solution for hair damage and split ends.


How is hair dusting different from hair trimming?

One may wonder what is the difference between opting for hair dusting and regular hair trimming. To elaborate, hair dusting minutely addresses the smooth surface trimming of nearly every hair strand. Unlike trimming, which uses rigorous snips by the scissors, dusting hair, on the other hand, is done by simply gliding the scissors.

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Is hair dusting bad for your hair?

With the advent of this technique, people have started opting for hair dusting treatments than the usual trimming sessions, as it has lessened the fear of losing hair length while tackling split ends. This technique only addresses the removal of the unruly split and damaged hair strands and does not hamper the length or volume of hair. Therefore, it has become a more convenient option for getting healthy hair without losing out on the lengths.


How to dust your hair at home?

Hair dusting is not an alien process that can only be done at salons. Instead, it can also be easily carried out at home. All you need is a pair of shears and your preferred style of the comb. You may even want to use a specialised hair dusting comb, which consists of extremely thin and close strands.


#1. Detangle your hair and remove all traces of knots.

#2. Divide the hair into two sections, and clip them separately. 

#3. Take half an inch of hair at a time from each section, and twist it sharply. 

#4. Use the shears to sharply snip off the ends.

#5. Twist the hair back tightly on the other side, and snip off from that side as well.

#6. Repeat the same steps for the other section of your hair as well.

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How often should hair dusting be done?

A proper schedule of hair dusting lasts for a good old time of about 6 to 8 weeks. However, this also varies, depending on how good the condition of the hair is, and how well it has been maintained. It should be noted that excessive use of heated hairstyling tools on dusted hair, can lead to the regrowth of split ends quite frequently.


Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Is hair dusting possible on curly hair?

Curly hair can be dusted as well, and there is no specific difficulty to it. The process of dusting curly hair is the same as any other type of hair.

#2. Does hair dusting lead to dryness?

The process of hair dusting does not cause dryness of hair or scalp. It only helps to get rid of split ends and unruly hair.

#3. Does hair dusting make hair thinner?

Hair dusting does not affect hair volume or thickness.

#4. What is the use of a hair dusting powder?

Hair experts at salons often prescribe the use of dusting powder to help in getting sharp smooth hair ends, that can be easily dusted with precision.

#5. Is hair dusting healthy?

Since hair dusting is the process of removing extra split ends of hair, it gives the overall hair a healthy volume.

#6. How much does hair dusting cost?

A professional salon session of hair dusting can cost you a lot. However, one can easily try it much cheaper at home.

Well, we hope that you find this new technique quite interesting. Let us know if you are likely to try it out!

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