Soundarya Rajinikanth Reveals About A Tense Moment During Her Wedding With Vishagan Vanangamudi

Divorce isn't an end, rather it is a hope of a new day! When Soundarya decided to take the bold step, she knew she will find her prince. Scroll down to know how Vishagan turned into that prince!


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Soundarya Rajinikanth Reveals About A Tense Moment During Her Wedding With Vishagan Vanangamudi

For the world, divorce might seem like a tragedy, but in reality, it is the start of a new dawn! South superstar, Rajinikanth’s younger daughter, Soundarya Rajinikanth created history by ending her seven-year-old marriage with Ashwin Ram Kumar. However, she always knew she will find the right man, who will accept her with all her perfections and imperfections. And indeed, she did find her love! (Recommend Read: Baby Kareena Kapoor-Ranbir Kapoor's Love In Major Throwback Video Is Unexplainable, Check Inside)

In a throwback interview with Ritz magazine, she had talked about the balancing act and handling her child as a single parent. She had stated, “That is what life is all about. Life is about balancing and I love doing it. I spend plenty of time with my baby and always make sure I am with him for his meals and I take him to school. I have to thank my mother for making this happen for me, she’s a wonderful grandmother and loves her role to bits.”

Soundarya Rajinikanth

And as they say, ‘Life took a turn for better’! On February 11, 2019, Soundarya exchanged wedding vows with Vishagan Vanangamudi in a grand ceremony. The beautiful pictures from the ceremony took the internet by storm. Recently, in an interaction with Cinema Vikatan, Soundarya and Vishagan got candid about their relationship. Soundarya also talked about her husband’s relationship with her three-year-old son, Ved, and shared, “Ved took a liking the first time he met Vishagan. I showed him Vishagan's picture and said: "see daddy". Vishagan is very patient with Ved.” (Also Read: Sharad Malhotra Says The Fact That He Is Getting Married In Just 3 Days Hasn't Sunk In Yet)

Soundarya Rajinikanth

She also revealed about a tense moment in their wedding, when Vishagan refused to tie the knot till Ved came to the mandap. She said, “It was the Muhurtham time and Ved wasn't at the Mandapam yet. I was really tensed but Vishagan turned towards me and said, "I will not marry you until Ved arrives." Ved feels a sense of protection with Vishagan and that's what I needed. We wanted our kid to see and know everything. Vishagan actually asked permission from Ved if he could marry me and we have taken a video of that. We will show Ved the video once he turns 18.”


Vishagan also stated, “The first time I met him, he was super calm so it was easy for me to converse with him. He is so affectionate towards me. She is out and out the most loving person in this world. She is so affectionate that it is unexplained. She is also the most romantic. When calls me daddy, it gives me a lot of happiness and a sense of responsibility.”  (You May Also Like: Sameera Reddy's Baby Bump Gets 'Girl Power' At An NGO, Blessed With The Contagious Energy Of Girls)

Soundarya Rajinikanth and Vishagan

In the same interview, Soundarya also talked about the first meeting and how she felt that instant connection with Vishagan. She revealed, “We are very compatible and feels like I’ve known him forever. So by God’s Grace let’s hope in a forever. Yes, it was an arranged marriage. A dear friend of my father mentioned to him about Vishagan. At that stage, I did not want to get into a commitment yet. But there was a divine intervention when we met for the very first time.”

Soundarya Rajinikanth

She further added, “The series of our meetings made me say that this is the boy I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Vishagan made me feel very comfortable and at home. We knew each other for around five months and decided to get married within that span of time. We had a lot of restrictions too – we couldn’t go out too much and enjoy the dating experiences. But we had the trust and hence, we just wanted to get married as soon as possible. Honestly, his family is beautiful. The time I met them, I felt like I came home.” (Don't Miss: Sakshi Tanwar Reveals The One Thing That Daughter, Dityaa Do Whenever She Does Something Wrong)

Well, Soundarya and Vishagan's love story makes us believe in true love!

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