Soha Ali Khan Reveals Why There Is No Group Picture Of Taimur And Inaaya With Their Mommies


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Soha Ali Khan Reveals Why There Is No Group Picture Of Taimur And Inaaya With Their Mommies

Rang De Basanti actress, Soha Ali Khan and her hubby, Kunal Kemmu welcomed their first child on September 29, 2017. A few days later, on the auspicious day of Naumi, they named their baby girl, Inaaya Naumi Kemmu. Happy space, right? Parallel to this family, there is another one- of Bollywood’s Bebo and Bollywood’s Nawab, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan respectively. Now, their son, Taimur Ali Khan, is a name which everyone knows. There could be no one uninitiated when it comes to him. Taimur and Inaaya together form the best celeb baby pair and when spotted with each other, everyone goes gaga. 

Now, Saif and Soha are real brother and sister, which makes Taimur and Inaaya cousins to each other. What was their first meeting like then whenever it happened? In an interview with Pinkvilla, Soha opened up about this and said, “How does one answer that question? She's two and a half months and he's one. The first time they met, Inaaya was asleep and Taimur was very much awake and screaming and I was worried he was going to wake her up but she slept through it. That was in her room, in her nursery.”

Taimur and Inaaya

Speaking further, Soha recalled a hilarious incident in which she and Kareena tried to get a group picture of the two, along with Inaaya and Taimur. She remarked, “Then we took Inaaya to meet Taimur in his nursery and that's when they were both awake. They looked at each other for the first time. We tried to take a picture where there was Kareena holding Taimur and me holding Inaaya and we tried to get one picture where all of us are looking somewhat human and decent. I don't think we could. We have one picture where Inaaya is looking somewhere else but at least the rest of us are looking normal. It's difficult with babies but they're still coming into their own which is a little bit older. Maybe, her first birthday is when they will be able to interact a little bit more.”

Taimur and Inaaya

In the world of social media and paparazzi, nothing escapes from the eyes of shutterbugs. Does Soha feel worried about the constant scrutiny on star kids by media, people and fans? She replied, “One thing as parents or just as people, one is very concerned about with children is; even when we take pictures of Inaaya at home, we make sure that the flash is not on. We make sure that she is safe and the only concern is when you go out in the public or you're walking into the airport or anywhere with your child is that with all the flash is going off, the child gets little disturbed and might get scared. It's not good for their eyesight. With the media, in the case of big celebrities and their children, it can be a little bit of a stampede situation and you don't want anyone to get hurt. And then comes the fact that you don't want to expose your child to that kind of media attention. You don't necessarily want pictures of your child being seen by everyone in their households and people commenting on how do they look and who do they look like. People, I don't know if I do or not, but you talk about nazar nahin lagni chahiye. We still follow that a lot in our culture. So, that's why I think people are a little apprehensive about too much media exposure.”

Soha Ali Khan

Speaking of Taimur and Inaaya, we brought to you the story in which how hilariously Soha opened up about her apprehensions and concerns whenever Taimur gets too close to Inaaya, She said, “Taimur is at an age where he wants to explore everything. He is now able to hold things, his grip is getting stronger. He is also into snatching things and throwing them away. Inaaya is too small now and so we are constantly scared to have them too close to each other. Especially Bhai (Saif) gets really worried whenever Taimur tries to get closer to where Inaaya is.”

Taimur and Inaaya

Soha further added about babies’ growing together and said, “Bhai and I have an 8-year age difference. But Taimur and Inaaya will only have a year’s. I hope they grow fond of each other as they grow up, become best friends. Of course, Taimur is a little older so he will always be the elder brother to Inaaya, protective about her.” She also added, “Taimur and Inaaya are both kids, just a few months apart from each other so it really helps to observe Taimur, follow his growth, the changes and milestones in his life and be more aware and prepared while raising Inaaya. Bhai and Kareena both help Kunal and me with handy tips from time to time which is a blessing when you are a new, first time parent.”

It’s always amazing to get hold of any moment with Taimur and Inaaya together. We really hope to see one such moment but along with their mommies.

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