5 Social Media Don'ts That Every Wedding Guest Must Follow


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5 Social Media Don'ts That Every Wedding Guest Must Follow

Social media is certainly a boon for those who love to make new friends and stay in touch with their near and dear ones. But, at the same time, it is a possible bane for a couple who is just about to get married. Why you may ask? Well, a lot of enthusiastic guests end up committing grave blunders on these platforms, which in turn, create big troubles for them. That is why; we have made a list of possible awkward situations and their solutions, or say, a list of social media etiquettes that all the guests must follow. So, let us have a look.

Situation #1

Your closest friend or sibling is getting married and you are absolutely elated. And, to show your happiness, you decide to announce the big news on every social networking website. But, the bride as well as the groom have still not informed a majority of their near and dear ones. This might upset them for not getting the information first hand.

announcing the wedding news even before the couple
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How to avoid it: Keep the big news to yourself always. You never know what is in the couple’s mind and who they will choose to tell and who they will not. You should refrain from making any announcements on social media before the bride or the groom announces on their account.

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Situation #2

The bride is trying out bridal outfits and you Instagram it. In the end, she selects one of the outfits that you have already uploaded! Nearly all the guest have seen her bridal wear and she has to settle for the second best outfit.

posting bridal trial photos
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How to avoid it: Clicking photos while trying outfits is fun and a good way to judge whether it suits the bride or not. But, you should not upload them on social networking websites. If you want, you can take printouts of it, stick them in a scrapbook and give them to her after the wedding. She will have a fun time remembering the crazy bridal shopping spree both of you went for.

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Situation #3

You have asked a wedding related question to the couple on their social media page. And, what follows is a series of comments from friends who are surprised to know that the person is getting married.

announcing on social media
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How to avoid it: It is not possible for people to invite everyone who is their friend on social media. Hence, they tend to avoid announcing the big news on social networking sites. So, avoid ruffling feathers and get your query resolved by sending a private message to the couple instead.

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Situation #4

Despite being there at the venue, you did not meet the bride and the groom on their wedding day. Why, you ask? Well, you were just too busy tweeting updates or uploading your pictures on Facebook and Instagram.

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How to avoid it: Well, tweeting funny, cute or heartfelt moments is certainly a lovely way to remember the wedding. But, you should not be so distracted that you fail to acknowledge the lovely couple and everyone else around you. Limit your tweets and maybe after a year, you can gift the couple your tweet diary of their wedding on their first anniversary.

While these are a few mistakes a soon-to-be married couple does not want their guests to make, here are 7 Social Media Don’ts We Wish All Soon-To-Be Married Couples Would Follow

Situation #5

The parents of the groom are aghast to discover the bride’s wild side. Wondering how it happened? Well, you thought that it would be absolutely hilarious to post the pictures of the bride pole dancing at her bachelorette party.

unhappy in-laws
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How to avoid it: Never ever forget this golden rule-“What happens at the bachelorette party, remains at the bachelorette party.” So, you should not be tweeting, writing a post or uploading hilarious/sexy/drunk photos of the bride anywhere!

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In the end, just keep in mind that social media should be used creatively to make the couple happy and not to ruin things!

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