5 Smart Tricks All Brides Can Do To Hide Belly Fat On Their Wedding


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5 Smart Tricks All Brides Can Do To Hide Belly Fat On Their Wedding

Getting married is perhaps the most awaited and dreamed about event in a woman’s life. If you are a soon-to-be bride, looking the best in your wedding outfit is your top priority. So, it is absolutely reasonable if you worry about hiding your belly fat in your dream outfit. But sometimes due to lack of adequate time, it becomes difficult to get in shape and tone your tummy right before the big day. But you need not worry anymore, because we have some easy solutions for you.

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#1. First things first

If you are able to "appear" to be in perfect shape using specially designed undergarments, then you should go buy them right away. Choose an elastic shapewear that you can wear under your outfit. Elastic shapewear gives an illusion of the belly fat being evenly distributed around your waist and mid-section. If you feel there is still a lot of uncomfortable, wobbly flab around the tummy, you can get elastic belly-bands. These give a slightly firmer look.

#2. Pick an appropriate wedding outfit

As a dress can reveal, it can also camouflage your body making you look perfect on your special day. This is why it is very essential for you to sit and explore the blueprints of your outfit with your tailor or designer, so that you can pick the best option that suits you. You can conceal your belly by draping your saree pallu or lehenga dupatta around the waist or with a flared bottom. A wide bottom lehenga will make your waist look comparatively smaller; if not that, it will at least make your body look proportionate.

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Avoid having heavy embroidery around the waist, and ideally limit the embroidery just at the borders. Remember, if you would like to go for a broad border, stick to shades of the colour of your lehenga. A stark contrast can add to the broad effect. For your dupatta, choose the front drape to cover your waist. Wearing a long choli that ends slightly below the point your lehenga begins, is a smart choice as well.

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#3. Accessorise your outfit

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Choose a simple design in monochrome for your outfit, and then play around with the accessories. The monochrome will hide the flaws, and the accessories will highlight the bests. Adding hints of sequins, crystals, delicate lace, net will help shift focus from your waistline. Remember, if the eye finds something attractive to focus on, all flaws are forgotten. But make sure you don’t overdo the detailing, as too much clutter might make you look broader.

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#4. Focus on other areas

Make sure you focus on your best features and try to accentuate them. Lovely makeup, a beautiful neckline and a drop-dead gorgeous hairstyle can shift the focus from the tummy. If you have well-toned arms, show them off with a beautiful sleeveless choli. Make sure to wear stunning statement jewellery pieces. If it is for your reception or cocktail party, you can think of carrying a bejewelled clutch. Not very difficult now, is it?

#5. Be the captivating desi girl

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You can always trust the tried and tested sarees if nothing else manages to convince you. Not only do they look lovely, but they also hide the flab around the mid-section of your body and give a wonderful illusion of height. Go for subtle embroidery or detailing on solid monochromes to get a rich bridal look without making you look over the top. Make sure you stay away from broad zari borders, as it will definitely make you look broader. Do not pin your pallu in pleats, rather leave it open on your arm. This will help cover the waist and give a softer look. 

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Don’t kill yourself over not losing a few kilos before your wedding. You have all the right to look pretty on your big day, and with these tricks you most certainly will!



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