Smart Tricks To Get Picture Perfect Wedding Photos


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Smart Tricks To Get Picture Perfect Wedding Photos

You are done with your pre-bridal grooming, your wedding lehenga is already in the closet, the jewellery has been finalised, and almost everything is in place to make your wedding the best day of your life. But wait a minute! What about your 'picture perfect' look? You still have not thought about it yet? Do not worry!

Here are some amazing tips that will make your wedding album the most prized possession. These tips will make sure that your pictures come out nothing but absolutely spectacular. 

#1. Left side forward

Image Courtesy: Dino Jeram Photography

A research conducted by Wake Forest University reveals that images showing the left side of your face look much prettier than the ones with a right side pose. This is so because the left side of the face shows more emotions than the right one. This trick can best be used while getting clicked for wedding pictures.

What you should do: To get the perfect picture with the right kind of emotion, try and showcase the left part of your face more.

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#2. Learn to strike a pose

Image Courtesy: Dino Jeram Photography

Models never go wrong with their photographs, as they master the art of posing in front of the camera without looking too unnatural. So, you can also follow their path to look confident and beautiful. Always strike a side pose, exposing only three fourth of your body to look slim in your photographs. Also, never stare directly into the camera or you may end up with photos where your eyes are half shut or closed.

What should you doKeep your belly in (not so much that you are not able to breathe), stand erect and straighten your spine and shoulder, while getting a picture clicked.

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#3. Your makeup matters

Image Courtesy: Dino Jeram Photography

Always go easy on your foundation. Though foundation makes your skin look flawless, but its extra shine effect can ruin your wedding pictures. This addtional shine to your face reflects the flashlight and makes you look dull in photographs. This is especially true for foundations, which are mineral based or contain titanium dioxide.

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What you should do: While you go for the trial to your makeup artist before your wedding, just ask someone to click your pictures once he/she is done. This will give you a fair idea of how would your pictures come out in that makeup.

#4. Banish that double chin

There is nothing worse than spotting a double chin in your wedding photographs. To avoid this blunder, make sure that the camera is just above or at your eye level. Also, try tilting your head up and jutting your jaw out slightly.

What you should doThis technique needs a bit of practice. Make sure that you rehearse this in front of the mirror to make your pictures look natural.

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#5. Lighting

Image Courtesy: Dino Jeram Photography

If you have an outdoor wedding, you must try to find a dim-lit spot to get yourself clicked. Otherwise, ensure that you and your spouse are not standing directly below the light. Bright light can cast shadows on your face, hence making you look tired. In case you have dark circles that you have been trying to conceal through the makeup, the bright light may even accentuate them.

What you should do: Avoid harsh light and direct glare while getting your photographs clicked. Ask your wedding venue manager to arrange for an additional setup with dim lights, especially for your photo-session.

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#6. Smile please!

Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

Getting clicked for hours on your own wedding can be really tiring. But smile is something that you can use as a tool to hide that tiredness. Smiling for countless hours during a photo session with your relatives might drive you crazy. But, you cannot make your guests feel offended. On the other hand, it is impossible to smile naturally for such a long period.

What you should do: Just think about those special moments you have had with your husband, and a beautiful smile will automatically light up your face. 

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Wedding certainly is the most special day in the life of a couple. It is important to enjoy this day thoroughly, but it is equally important to capture the best moments of this day so that you can cherish them forever. So, make the best out of these tips, and just get set to pose for a perfect picture on the big day of your life.

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