8 Unusual And Clever Ways To Use Flour That Will Leave You Surprised


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8 Unusual And Clever Ways To Use Flour That Will Leave You Surprised

Why just knead dough out of the flour at home when you can put it to so many unusual uses! It is time to get crafty and adventurous with the most basic thing found in every kitchen.

So, let’s see what all we can do with the available flour in our kitchen.

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1. Dry shampoo

DIY Dry Shampoo

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Yes, you read it right, flour can be used as a dry shampoo. Worry not! If you are running late and you don’t have enough time by your side to wash your hair, you don’t have to compromise on your looks. Well, maybe you can try this tip; just sprinkle some flour in your hair and brush it through. It is likely to absorb the oil in your hair leaving you with dry and almost as good as washed up hair.

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2. Insect repellent

This is probably the most common use of flour other than eating. Put a thick line of flour around the door or window sill, and that should do the trick of getting rid of those pesky ants and insects.

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3. Keeps the stainless steel shining

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To keep your stainless steel sink shining and spot-free, sprinkle some flour on its dry surface and rub it with a dry cloth. After letting it stay for a while, wash it off. You can try the same for other stainless steel utensils as well.

4. Art and craft

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For a last minute fix for your child’s school-work model or when you are out of clay, you can substitute it with the flour dough. You can make some clay by using equal parts of flour and warm water; add some salt and vegetable oil in it, so that it is mouldable but not very sticky. You can add food colouring for different shades of dough clay.

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5. Skin scrub

If you don’t want to go for some over the counter skin care product, then go for rice flour. Just put some flour on your palm, wet it with very little water, just enough to get the consistency of a scrub. Rub in little circles on your face and neck. Wash is off with warm water after some time. This will leave your skin feeling soft and exfoliated. You could probably try a pedicure too with this homemade scrub.

6. Get rid of the facial hair

Passed on one generation to another, this tip is used to discourage growth of facial hair on newborn babies. Gram flour and water paste when applied on the face help in getting rid of facial hair. Wash the paste off when it dries up.

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7. Loosen up tight lids

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A very handy household tip indeed! If a lid is too firm around its container and won’t come off easily, then just dunk the edge of the lid in some flour. This should keep the lid from sticking tightly to the container.

8. Used for ripening fruits

It is believed that fruits can be ripened faster by letting them sit in wheat flour for a day. This trick is often used to ripen avocados. What needs to be seen is that if this unusual tip is actually effective for other fruits as well or is just an unusual kitchen legend. 

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So, try these out and let us know if they worked for you! Do share in the comments section below. 



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