9 Simple Ways To Feel Beautiful Inside Out


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9 Simple Ways To Feel Beautiful Inside Out

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Well, it most certainly does, but loving yourself and being comfortable in your own self is also important. You need to first love yourself for people to love you. But because of the basic human nature of always wanting a little more, we often are left disheartened and unsatisfied with life, where as actually we should be thankful for it.

To look beautiful, you too need to make a little effort. That doesn’t mean you need to go to the parlour every day, but little things that you do in your daily life as a conscious effort can make you feel good about yourself, bring a new self-confidence and feel beautiful inside out. So, without further ado, here is what you need to do.

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#1. Be grateful, always

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Gratitude is a beautiful thing. Being grateful for what all God has given you instead of always cribbing about what you don’t have will always give you a feeling of contentment. Hardships are part and parcel of everyone’s life. Looking beyond them and appreciating you family, your life and yourself, and thanking the Almighty for all that he has blessed you with, makes you a happy and beautiful soul.

#2. Look good, feel good

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To look good, you need to make an effort. Change your everyday and boring wardrobe. Get some colour into it and wear clothes that complement your body type. Get a new haircut, go out shopping for some comfortable heels, put on some makeup. When you look good, you feel good, and that increases your productivity in all spheres of your life. So, make an effort and feel and look gorgeous!

#3. Have a more confident persona

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If you have a low self-confidence and always shy away from speaking your mind, people will always look for chances to suppress you. Being the scapegoat everywhere will make you more introvert and scared. Don’t let that happen. Love who you are and that is what will show off your confidence, and remember, a confident woman is a beautiful one!

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#4. Smile- the results will amaze you!

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There is no doubt about the fact that a smiling face is a pretty one. The best contagious thing known to mankind; a smile is the only thing that costs nothing, but makes you look beautiful. And it not only makes your day, but also spreads its magic wherever you go.

#5. Workout

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A good workout, knowing that you did something good for your health and burning those extra calories will not only boost your mood, but will also bring a radiant glow to your face, making you feel and look even more beautiful.

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#6. Do your favourite things

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Don’t get caught up in the daily rut. Stop pleasing people around you by doing what they want and for once, keep yourself first. Do what makes you feel good, be it your job, a hobby or a simple thing like cooking your favourite meal. If it gives you happiness, don’t shy away from doing it.

#7. Try not to be competitive

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When we try to be the best in everything, we lose the purpose of doing what we actually intended to do. Competition breeds contempt. Healthy competition is good but being competitive all the time with your family, friends and co-workers is not healthy. Just be good at what you do, you will automatically become the best! The feeling of competition can make you someone you are not, and I meant it not in positive sense.

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#8. Age gracefully

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Everyone has to age someday, why not do it gracefully. Trying a hundred treatments on yourself and ruining your skin and still being unsatisfied with the results will only make you a frustrated person. And believe me, no frustrated soul ever looked beautiful. Embrace your age and age gracefully. Getting older doesn’t mean you lose your beauty, in fact, ageing with pride and grace makes you even prettier!

#9. Love who you are

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And in the end, love yourself immensely. We don’t mean that you should only think of yourself and get self-obsessed. But just stopping finding faults in yourself already! Be around positive people, read positive books and messages and appreciate life with all its beauty. You will be surprised how your life changes just by changing your outlook towards it.

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We hope these pointers will help lighten up your mood and give you that push you needed to feel great about yourself. So just be positive, self-confident, feel good, and that’s what will make you beautiful inside and out!

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