12 Signs You Are In A Toxic Relationship And How It Is Ruining Your Mental Peace


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12 Signs You Are In A Toxic Relationship And How It Is Ruining Your Mental Peace

We all dream of a ‘happily ever after’, but sometimes, not all of us are lucky; sometimes things do not turn out to be the way we expect them to. A few start losing their minds and forget about their happiness. Some put up with domestic violence and never speak up. It is pitiful how some people do not muster enough courage to step up and take a stand for themselves. Why do they not, you may ask. Well it’s because they don’t realise that they are in a toxic relationship which is sucking the life out of them. Read on and find out if you are in one such relationship that is not bringing you or your partner any happiness.

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#1. You’re put down. Always.

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This is one feeling you cannot get over. You feel let down because no matter what you do, you are put down and made to feel as if you are good for nothing. Your partner mocks and criticises you and makes you feel bad about who you are.

#2. You give, but do not get anything in return.

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Everything is always about your partner’s likes and dislikes, whether it is food or clothes or for that matter any small decision, which should ideally be a joint one. Your partner always makes the final decision.

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#3. Your happy moments do not last.

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How can you remember your happy moments when they do not last even a single day, or a few hours for that matter? Quite evidently, your partner is jealous of how happy you are; they would rather see you suffer than smile.

#4. A healthy conversation becomes an argument.

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When you try to strike a conversation about anything under the sun, it eventually becomes an argument. You cannot remember having a quiet moment with your partner.

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#5. You are not yourself when you are with your partner.


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When did being who you are become an issue? If you feel the need to hide your identity or downtone yourself when you are around your partner, then this person deserves to be shown the way out of your life.

#6. You think about their happiness more than yours.

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True, you want to avoid petty fights, but to keep them happy you have to do everything they like. You change your opinions to keep him/her pleased and stop doing all that you ever loved.

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#7. Never being able to resolve a conflict

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Every couple fights, but they try to reach a middle ground where both their opinions get enough weightage. In your relationship, this never happens, because either it favours your partner or the fight goes unresolved, further creating tension and stress for you.

#8. Name-calling

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This is playing dirty when there is no other way out of a situation. If they call you names or drag your family into arguments, then do you really think you are living with someone who deserves your love, patience and respect?

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#9. Physically or emotionally abusing you


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Is your partner violent with you? Do they force themselves on you and hurt you in a fit of rage and apologise saying this wouldn’t happen again? Do they play the victim card, get away each time, and make you feel guilty? Dear, you better get out of the relationship right now or it will be too late for you.

#10. They bring the worst out of you


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Usually happy couples bring the best out of each other and their energy reflects in their life and relationship with people around. But in a disturbed relationship, all that ever comes out of you is your worst side.

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#11. Lack of trust

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Does your partner keep a constant check on your social life (both real and virtual)? Do they always check your phone and emails, and bother you with irrational questions? Do they act as if you are cheating on them when there’s actually nothing? Your partner has serious trust issues and is making life difficult for both of you .

#12. You avoid each other

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You don’t want to talk to each other or share what happened during the course of the day. Do you make separate plans with family or friends for the weekend? Yes? Well, what more do we say if not tell you that you’ve got to buckle up and leave.

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Having read this, do you think you are in a toxic relationship? If yes, then please do not let this continue! We know it’s easier said than done, but for once, think about yourself and what this relationship is doing to you. Think calmly, you will get your answer to whether you should stay or move on!