15 Signs That Your Partner Is A Big Time Attention Seeker


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15 Signs That Your Partner Is A Big Time Attention Seeker

Life without a partner is dull and boring. They make each moment brighter and your life more livable. As a matter of fact, every individual has different nature, temperament and style. And if your partner is one of those people who likes to hog all the limelight and be the centre of attraction in all situations, then he/she is an attention seeker!

We thought of getting for you 15 points to help you spot out if your partner is the attention seeker, by recognising these habits which they all have in common.

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#1. They always want to be the centre of every conversation

And if they are not, they will try to barge into conversations which have nothing to do with them and make them all about them!

#2. You hardly get to talk when you are with them

Because they are terrible listeners and they only want to talk about themselves for which they will keep on interrupting you as you speak.

#3. They are masters at the art of taking selfies

In every angle with all kinds of funny faces and will keep changing their display pictures every few hours with a new one!

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#4. No matter how little or how much they have to drink, they act as they are too drunk to even walk straight

Even if all they have had is half a breezer!

#5. They get insecure very easily if you talk about or hang out with your friends without inviting them

They feel left out and don’t leave any opportunity to make you feel bad and guilty too, if you ever forget to ask them.

#6. Supposedly, ‘’they have been there and done that’’- for everything in the world

Scuba diving, bungee jumping, meeting President Obama or going to the outer space, according to them, they have done it all!

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#7. If they come across someone more popular with the crowd at a get-together, you can see how uncomfortable they get

They either criticise that person of being loud and boring, or just prefer to leave that gathering altogether!

#8. Their Facebook account is like food and fashion blog pages

Full of check-ins to restaurants and cafes and shopping malls along with the pictures of them in every single outfit they own!

#9. Their conversations generally start with- you won’t believe what just happened with me

Because good, bad, extraordinary, strange or unbelievable things only happen to them! Talk about being a sham!

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#10. They love themselves immensely which is evident in the way they talk about themselves

This dress suits my LEAN body type or this shade goes with my FAIR and FLAWLESS complexion! You know what we mean?

#11. Their dressing sense is either over the top or just too simple- whatever it is, it stands out

They want to attract attention in any way possible for which they resort to a change in their wardrobe. Loud, chic, funny; they try it all!

#12. They post pictures with you on social networking sites with loads of praises for you in the tagline

Because they want not only you, but the entire world to know what a great girlfriend/boyfriend they are to you!

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#13. Watching a movie with them is a nightmare because they like to comment after every dialogue

Ye kaun hai? Isko kya hua? Usne kya bola? Mere pas same dress hai!  Urhhhhhhh!!!

#14. They get moody all the time

Specifically when the world is not revolving around them, and you are not talking about them!

#15. If they don’t like someone, they compel you to dislike that person too

And if you dare talk to that person who is on their hate list, you end up being on that hate list as well for a few days!

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Basically, you can love them or you can hate them, but you definitely cannot ignore them. And this is just a part of their personality so, it should not make you stop loving them even a tiny bit.

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