When Shveta Salve Killed It In A Bikini After Losing All Her Post-Pregnancy Weight


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When Shveta Salve Killed It In A Bikini After Losing All Her Post-Pregnancy Weight

Motherhood is a very beautiful phase of a woman’s life. It brings along smiles, warmth and immense joy with it. The little bundle of joy, which is a part of you, fills your life with happiness.

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At the same time, your body undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancy. You put on weight and your body grows in size. But, it depends on you about how well you accept those changes. Some women become panicky and sad about putting on so much weight, while some others welcome the changes whole-heartedly. Popular TV actress Shveta Salve is clearly in the latter category.

She not only welcomed the changes happily, but enjoyed her pregnancy to the fullest. The Left Right Left fame actress has always believed in breaking stereotypes, and that is what she did during her preggers phase. She was very confident about her body and kept posting numerous fun pictures on her Instagram profile throughout the 9 months of her pregnancy.

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Shveta and her restaurateur husband, Harmeet Sethi, welcomed their baby girl Arya in August 2016. Since the arrival of the little one, the happy parents have flooded their Insta profiles with cutesy pictures of the baby. But along with snaps of the kiddo, Shveta’s profile is also filled with offbeat and pretty photos of herself. Shveta is one woman who has defined self-love amazingly.

So, the latest thing about the actress is that six months after the birth of Arya, Shveta has almost regained her pre-pregnancy weight back. And, she happily posted a bikini picture of herself and captioned it in a fun way.

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Here is the photo:

The caption read:

"6 months after bumpy .. not bad I guess ?"

Not bad at all, Shveta! You look as gorgeous as ever.

Shveta has lost almost all her post-pregnancy weight with the help of yoga and regular exercise. The small and happy family is currently residing in Goa, and taking care of their restaurant. They are truly living a charmed life and we wish them loads of luck and happiness.

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