Shreyas Talpade And Deepti Talpade's Love Story, He Fell In Love With Her At A College Fest

Take a look at the love story of ace actor, Shreyas Talpade with his darling wife, Deepti whom he met years ago at a college fest!


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Shreyas Talpade And Deepti Talpade's Love Story, He Fell In Love With Her At A College Fest

Shreyas Talpade is popularly known for his perfect comic timing and hilarious roles. But the actor in him has secured more talent than ever in films like Iqbal, which was the most iconic film considering Shreyas’ debut. In his personal life, the actor is married to his wifey, Deepti who is the strong pillar behind the actor. Well then, let us take a look at such a unique love story where a celebrity was charmed by a mere commoner!

Shreyas met Deepti when he came to her college fest as a celebrity guest


Unlike most love stories of celebrity couples, Shreyas and Deepti’s story kickstarted unusually, as they came from extremely different backgrounds. Well, it so happened that back in the year 2000, when Shreyas was hailed as a fairly successful actor was invited to be the celebrity guest for a college. While his stage-timing was cut short to barely minutes, it was within this short while itself when cupid transpired Shreyas to cross paths with Deepti, a student from the very college. Well, it became a love at first sight for the actor and he simply fell in love with her. Speaking about the same in an interview, he once mentioned:

“I had been invited to her college for an event. It was my first as a celebrity; my Marathi show, in 2000, had become quite popular. My character was also loved. It was one of those college festivals, where celebrities come for 15-20 minutes. Of course, I was so excited. That’s where I met her for the first time, and as everyone says, dil mein ghanti baj gayi! I had never dated anyone before; she was the first person I dated, and luckily, we got married.”

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Shreyas’ first impression of Deepti

shreyas deepti

Well, love is easier to be thought in one’s mind than expressed to the person it is meant for. Certainly, such was the situation of Shreyas who was swooned over by Deepti in her first look itself, but had not spoken about it to her. Once in an interview, he recalled about the first impressions he felt on seeing Deepti and mentioned that he liked her demeanour and personality. In his words:

“What I really liked about her was her whole demeanour, personality, and patience about everything. When I eventually met her on the day of the event, she came back to drop me, and that’s when we really spoke.”

Shreyas broke the ice with Deepti by proposing marriage immediately

shreyas deepti

Shreyas has a personality which does not entertain delays and he prefers to do everything on time. Well, he did the same when he conversed with Deepti for the first time ever and directly proposed to her for marriage. Thus, it was on December 31, 2004 when Shreyas Talpade realised his love and tied the knot with Deepti in a traditional Marathi wedding. Recalling how Deepti was left visibly shocked as he had asked such a serious question within four days of meeting one another, he mentioned:

“Me liking her so much. On the fourth day of meeting her, I realised she was the one. I called her and said, ‘I really like you and would like to marry you’. It came as a huge surprise because she wasn’t expecting it. I guess I told her because my attitude was, why waste time?”


Shreyas and Deepti's bundle of joy, Aadya


A few years later, they were blessed with their daughter, Aadya, whom they welcomed through surrogacy. The duo had got the most happy news of their lives while they were holidaying far away in Hong Kong. Nevertheless, they did not waste a single moment to curtail their trip and fly back to be with their daughter. Aadya with every passing day, has filled great happiness in the lives of her parents, Shreyas and Deepti. Speaking about her baby girl once in an interview, Shreyas revealed how he wishes to be her best friend. In his words:

"I will encourage my kid to be good human being. My role as a father would be to be my daughter's best friend. I want to be the person that she can confide in and talk to about everything."

When Shreyas recalled his first date with Deepti which ended up being a family dinner


Shreyas has always been quite open about revealing a few anecdotes and moments from his real life in public. For instance, he once recalled going on the first ever date with his then-girlfriend-now-wife, Deepti. He mentioned that due to his love for theatre, he had invited her to watch a play together. However, what began as a romantic date for just the two of them ended up as a family get together with Deepti’s parents. In his words:

“Since I am a hardcore theatre lover, I asked her out for a play, a comedy which we thoroughly enjoyed. I went to drop her off, and that’s when she invited me home. To my surprise, the parents had seen my work on TV, so they asked me to stay back for dinner... and I did. It was a memorable date for us.”

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Shreyas Talpade feels that his wifey is his lady luck


Ever since their marriage, the couple has been with each other through thick and thin and has not for once left each other’s side. While they may not be into PDA’s and mushy romances, they have nevertheless kept their relationship quite grounded and strong. Moreover, Shreyas credits Deepti for being his lady luck who helps him to remain stable and confident. Heaping praises on his wifey, Shreyas once mentioned:

“She makes me stable, secure and confident. My wife is my lady luck. I was offered Iqbal just when we got married. She stood by me when I needed her the most; she comforts me when I have my low phases. Being a psychiatrist, she deals with ‘this patient’ for months when my films flop.”

Shreyas Talpade spoke about the changing dimensions of his relationship with Deepti


It has been 19 years since the couple tied the knot of togetherness and has been enjoying every bit of their marital bliss nonetheless. What started off as perfect strangers became a couple and then much later as parents. Recalling this very long journey with his wife, Deepti Talpade, Shreyas mentioned how a few things have changed over time. In his words:

“Earlier I was the one who was very possessive; now, she is. Deepti keeps saying that she loves me more now than I love her, though earlier, she says I was the one who loved her more. The first year after marriage was a tad tough because suddenly, from boyfriend-girlfriend we were in a husband-wife relationship. I think the boys start expecting a lot from their wives, probably due to conditioning. And that’s where the whole conflict starts — it’s important that we start understanding our wives, especially in the first year of marriage. And to think I was not even there for the first three months because I went to Hyderabad for the shooting of Iqbal, I presume it must have been really tough for her to stay in a new place with the in-laws for three months. When we moved to our house, we began to understand each other better. A sensible and understanding life partner is always a boon.”

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