Sara Ali Khan's Beauty Secret Is Dadi Sharmila Tagore Ke Nuske, It Is Something Everyone Must Follow

Sara Ali Khan reveals her beauty secret by grandmother, Sharmila Tagore and shares if her parents, Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh have given any fashion advices to her.


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Sara Ali Khan's Beauty Secret Is Dadi Sharmila Tagore Ke Nuske, It Is Something Everyone Must Follow

In our childhood, our grandmothers (paternal and maternal) would bring out ghar ke nuske for every health and fitness related problems we had. And no matter how many hours we spend on manicure and pedicure, getting a hair spa or paying doctors for even trivial issues like cold or headache, we later come on to the conclusion that nothing can beat dadi/nani ke nuske! And looks like Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh’s daughter, Sara Ali Khan too, vouches for the same. (Also Read: Sara Ali Khan Gets Candid About Weight Loss Journey From 96 Kgs To A Slim Body, Despite Having PCOD)

The fiery 23-year-old starlet, Sara Ali Khan has impressed everyone with her witty personality, undeniable confidence and down-to-earth perspective on life. Firstborn to Saif Ali Khan and his first wife, Amrita Singh, Sara belongs to a star family with her paternal grandparents being yesteryear superstar actress, Sharmila Tagore and former captain of the Indian cricket team, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, popularly known as Tiger Pataudi. Sara’s journey from ‘flab to fab’ has been an inspiring one and with her acting skills and sartorial choices, she has proved to be not just any star-kid in B-town.

Sara Ali Khan

In a recent interview with a media portal, Sara Ali Khan revealed her beauty secrets and if her parents, Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh have given any fashion advices to her. Elaborating on the fashion advice she has gotten from her star parents, Sara remarked, "Be yourself, be comfortable in your skin and remember that you are our daughter - nothing trashy."

Amrita Singh, Saif Ali Khan, Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan

Spilling the secret to her supple and clear skin, Sara Ali Khan continued, "Whatever fruit is leftover from breakfast, I put on my face." Sara also revealed some home remedies and said that she puts everything from badam to honey and "not very nice smelling things on my face and onions in my hair. It takes a lot of guts to do it." When asked for beauty advice she had received from her grandmother, Sharmila Tagore, Sara retorted with what she is constantly reminded of, "Sleep well and drink water."

Sara Ali Khan

In an interview with Vogue, some unknown facts about Sara Ali Khan were unveiled including that she doesn't just love bingeing on Indian sweets, she's also got a playlist full of unexpected old-school tracks and an obsession with nail paint. When asked, “What's your guilty food pleasure?” Sara had replied, “I'm a huge pizza fan, and I have the biggest sweet tooth ever. I love milk cake and besan ke laddoo.” (Also Read: Sara Ali Khan's Mom, Amrita Singh And Kartik Aaryan Finally Bonded On The Sets Of Aaj Kal, Checkout)

Sara Ali Khan

Revealing her playlist, Sara Ali Khan had shared, “It depends. 'Lag Jaa Gale' is definitely one of my favourites, so are 'Bahon Mein Chale Aao' and 'Tune O Rangile Kaise Jadu Kia'. My playlist goes from 'Om Namaha Shivay' to 'Allah Hu' to 'Mere Mehboob Kayamat Hogi' to 'Coca Cola Tu', and there is no part of me that will be able to tell you if I like 'Lag Jaa Gale' more or 'Coca Cola Tu'. I can't help it, they both speak to my soul. But it's best to avoid playing 'Aankh Marey' in front of me, because suddenly I'm a lot more open and a lot more fun than people are down for. And I'm like, "You played this song, you change it. You asked for it."”

Sara Ali Khan

When asked, “What's one piece of unforgettable advice your parents gave you?” Sara Ali Khan had answered, “I think a little too much. They say do what your heart tells you. Now that's a bit of a problem if you've met me because my heart tells me really funny things and sometimes my heart and brain don't really coincide.” Revealing her beauty addiction, Sara continued, “I am obsessed with nail paint. I have changed it in every shot of the songs in Kedarnath. I was heartbroken on the day of my Vogue shoot when the team told me, "These are your nails for the day". I was like, "Are you joking?"”

Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan has been in the news even before her Bollywood debut, but post her first film, Kedarnath, Sara has proved her mettle as an actor, impressing her audience. In a post-Kedarnath interview, Sara had revealed how her dadi, Sharmila had reacted after watching her first film. Sara had remarked, “Dadi is extremely proud. She is getting a lot of messages from people and she messaged mom which was a big one for me. I think dadi messaging mom, after you know... life, that we have, that was really something. That's amazing. If as a character, you can bring audiences together and as an individual you can bring your family together for 30 seconds also, that's something." Isn’t this amazing?

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In an interview with the IANS, Sharmila Tagore had expressed her proudness for granddaughter, Sara Ali Khan. About her debut film and as a person that Sara has turned out to be, the proud granny had stated, “Yes, I am so excited about her debut (in the film Kedarnath). I am very impressed by her... though I don’t see why her self confidence should surprise me. But whether it was Koffee With Karan, Rajeev Masand, BBC - her confidence, humility and charm made me so happy. It’s so heartwarming to see her the way she has turned out. When asked what she’s doing in films after going to Columbia University she said the education was for her growth as a person and not for a career. She’s never tongue-tied. And how well she stood up for her father on Karan Johar’s show. I am really proud of her.” (Also Read: Rare Throwback Picture of Sara Ali Khan Giving Out A Naughty Look With Mom, Amrita Singh And Ibrahim)

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What are your most-followed dadi/nani ke nuske? Keep us posted!

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