Childhood Friends To Life Partners: Sharman Joshi And Prerna Chopra Love Story


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Childhood Friends To Life Partners: Sharman Joshi And Prerna Chopra Love Story

Sharman Joshi is a prolific actor. He has made us cry and he has made us laugh but never has he ever failed to impress us on-screen. But how many of you know that he is a terrific husband and a doting father of three as well?

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Sharman Joshi and Prerana Chopra Joshi's love story is one of a kind and will melt your heart for sure. So let’s begin their love tale.

The soulmates

Sharman Joshi and Prerna Chopra love story

Sharman and Prerana met each other for the first time when they were in college. They felt an instant connection and deep down inside their hearts, they both knew that they are made for each other. They became friends instantly and their relationship grew over time. What attracted Sharman towards this lady was her humility. Despite being the daughter of one of the most famous Bollywood villains, Prerana never took the fame to her head. Once the couple said:

"We met in college and the sparks were instant. I guess we were attracted to each other right from day one and with time, the attraction just grew stronger and deeper."

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Sharman Joshi and Prerna Chopra love story

Sharman and Prerana were both confident about their respective choices. They were meant for each other. They are soulmates and words could never disturb this relationship. They were both certain that marriage was on the cards and that is why they did not even feel the need to propose to each other. Sharman recalls:

"No one proposed actually, it was just understood. It was so natural that we would materialise it into a lifetime union."

They truly are a blessed couple. They had a smooth sailing. Their parents readily agreed to the match and the couple was given a green signal.

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The traditional wedding

Sharman Joshi and Prerna Chopra love story

After dating for quite a long time, the couple decided to take the plunge in 2000. It was a traditional Gujarati wedding for the lovebirds. The wedding took place in Mumbai on June 15, 2000. Though the attendance was only of the close friends and family, the Chopra-Jos wedding was a grand affair as the bride and the groom wanted this to be the most memorable day of their lives. In their wedding, the couple sang in unison:

"It was a dream wedding as we both wanted to be married the same way and it was special as everyone from our respective families and friends attended the occasion. It was a grand affair as we wanted to make this moment memorable not only for both of us but for both the families as well. An unforgettable moment."

Sharman and Prerana chose Phuket as their honeymoon destination.

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Life and marriage

Sharman Joshi and Prerna Chopra love story

Sharman and Prerana are absolutely fortunate. They were blessed with a baby girl, Khyana in October 2005. In 2009, they welcomed their twin sons, Rehan and Vaaryan. The couple has been going smooth and the mantra for their successful marriage is that they both respect each other's work. Prerana is a businesswoman while Sharman is an actor and they both help each other out as much as they can.

Sharman Joshi and Prerna Chopra love story

They both have an equal partnership and they support each other through the thick and the thin. They both can depend on each other and that is the beauty of their relationship. Prerana once ushered:

"I am very much involved in his work, in fact, I am an SOS to him when his crew or team cannot reach him. I like to be concerned about his work only because he sometimes tends to do a lot, and many times he forgets important things which might prove fatal. So, I have to ensure a minute and meticulous details. I also feel that I can be around him and take care of his stuff when he is busy."

Sharman and Prerana make an incredible couple. They met at a tender age and fell in love instantly. They are inspirational. They love each other to the moon and back and they consider their children to be the best gifts of their lives. We hope that this family receives nothing but happiness and more love.

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