Shah Rukh Khan On Aryan And Suhana's Debut, Says, 'They Can't Live Off What Their Father Has Done'

Legends are made once, and rest are just the followers, and Shah Rukh Khan is the perfect example of it. Scroll down as he opens up on his kids, Aryan Khan and Suhana Khan's Bollywood debut!


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Shah Rukh Khan On Aryan And Suhana's Debut, Says, 'They Can't Live Off What Their Father Has Done'

Shah Rukh Khan - the name is enough to make our hearts flutter to get his one glimpse. He is not just an ordinary actor, who went on to become a legend, but rather he is a man with a vision. He started off his journey as a boy-next-door and slowly made his way as the undisputed king of hearts and became the Badshaah of B-town! (Recommend Read: Neha Kakkar Reacts To Finding Love Again And Dating Vibhor Parashar Of Indian Idol 10, After Himansh)

In his own words, Shah Rukh had shared once that he sells dreams and peddle love to millions of people. Well, it is definitely true because when we knew nothing about true love, Shah Rukh made us believe in it with a simple dailouge, ‘hum ek baar jeete hai, ek baar marte hai, shaadi bhi ek baar hoti hai or pyaar bhi ek baar hi hota hai’. And even before getting the recognisation, the actor had without any filters claimed to rule the city of dreams - Mumbai, and well, he did not just rule the city but the entire nation.

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan

This year Shah Rukh Khan has completed 27 glorious years in Bollywood, and now his kids, Aryan Khan and Suhana Khan are all set to follow his footsteps. But looks like the father doesn’t want them to copy. Recently, in an interview with the India Today, Shah Rukh opened up on his kids Bollywood debut, and said, "I should not impose my ideas on them because mine are so set. Mine has now been almost fully cultivated. I am here to give my yeoman service to the Indian film industry with my cultivated amazing talent. Why just duplicate it to them? Let them learn something." (Also Read: 'Saaho' Star, Prabhas To Host A Special Screening Of The Film For His Rumoured GF, Anushka Shetty?)

He had further added, "As actors and filmmakers, my kids, in case they wish to come in, they have to bring something new. They can’t live off the stuff their father has managed to do. It’s important they bring in something new and if I impose myself, they won’t be able to."

Talking about his son, Aryan, Shah Rukh stated, "He wants to be a filmmaker. We are friends, so I told him to learn whichever aspects of film he can go and learn. The other day I met (famed cinematographer) Ravi Varman, I told him to go and learn camera with him. He has been doing that."

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan

Shah Rukh's daughter, Suhana, who has already shown interest in acting, is working hard to hone her skills. The actor also shared his daughter's dream, and said, "Suhana wants to act. She is right now at the French festival in Edinburgh. She is doing theatre, she has a coloured face and is doing some mime. It’s good fun."

Coming back to Shah Rukh's great legacy, in an interview, the actor had talked about his journey so far. He had shared, "I have worked for 30 years, I work 16 hours a day, so if it doesn’t excite you in the morning, you should not wake up. At my stage, when I have worked in over 80 films, have done some satisfactory roles and have made a career out of what I do, I should be like I don’t want to get up and go if it’s not going to be an absolutely, stunning, scintillating and exciting day as an actor."

He had further added, "I had never thought of being what I am today, like people say ‘legendary’, ‘mythical’ or ‘The Shah Rukh Khan’ kind of a feeling. I never thought that my name would become an adjective, which people will use to describe things — ‘Shah Rukh kind of boy’, ‘Shah Rukh kind of romance’." (Don't Miss: Sameera Reddy Gives A Really Important Advice To Newbie Mommies And Shares A Thoughtful Video)

Well, Shah Rukh is the right synonym to a legend! What do you think?

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