Shah Rukh Khan Shares The Best Advice For College Kids On Daughter, Suhana Khan's Graduation Day

Shah Rukh Khan's daughter, Suhana Khan has completed her graduation! And the actor shares a perfect piece of advice on her big day that every school kid should learn from.


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Shah Rukh Khan Shares The Best Advice For College Kids On Daughter, Suhana Khan's Graduation Day

We all remember the last day of our school and college. The memories we made and the laughs we shared, they have always stayed close to our heart! No matter how scared we are of the world outside the gates, we all know that the learning starts once we are out of it. And guess what? Bollywood superstar, Shah Rukh Khan's daughter, Suhana Khan has completed her graduation. (Recommend Read: Bride Wore Exactly Same Sabyasachi Lehenga That Anushka Sharma Wore On Her Wedding, Looks Gorgeous)

Shah Rukh, who loves his little girl unconditionally, is making sure that his princess learns all the skills to rule a throne and Suhana is proving him right. Recently, Gauri had shared a picture of her daughter receiving a Russel cup for exceptional contribution to drama. She is definitely learning it all from the 'King Khan'.

On June 28, 2019, Shah Rukh took to his Instagram handle and shared the best advice that every college student needs to glue to their memory. He shared a picture with Suhana and Gauri, and wrote, "4 years have flown by. Graduating from Ardingly. Last pizza, last train ride, and the first step into the real world. School ends, learning doesn’t." Take a look at it below:

Shah Rukh posted another picture in monochrome with Suhana, and captioned it as, "Last day at school. Adding new experiences and colours to your life ahead." Well, daddy, Shah Rukh can never go wrong when it comes to giving the right advice. Check out the picture of the daddy-daughter picture below:

We have always loved Shah Rukh for his wit and the immense amount of intelligence he has. In an interview, the actor had talked about his kids and how they react to fame. He had stated, "I think, initially, the kids started feeling awkward with all the paraphernalia, the cars. Every time I go out to a public place, I don’t take them with me. My wife doesn’t come, my children don’t come, I go to functions alone or I go to post they have gone."  (Also Read: Virat Kohli's Adorable Message For Anushka Sharma Proves That He Is Always In Complete Awe Of Her)

Suhana Khan

He had further added, "So they don’t enter with me because with all due respect I’m a star and I expect everyone to rush on to me. I don’t expect that to happen to my family. So they have understood it, they don’t go. There is hardly a place maybe a special occasion when we have to come together. Otherwise, we never travel together to even a private dinner. Some adjustments have to be made. One of them was that I sent them abroad to study. Not because of the scrutiny but because they were feeling awkward from all the attention they had from their own staff."

Shah Rukh had also added, "I have explained it to my kids that if photographers come and stand, they should do the picture and say, “Please can I go now?’ They will all listen to you, I have known them for 25 years. The second part of it – perhaps I’m old fashioned. I really do believe – you deserve attention. You have to earn it, you have to do something for it. So this I explained to my kids and they also understand it that just because you are photographed, doesn’t make you important at all." (Don't Miss: Shahid Kapoor's Mom Neliima Defends His Character In 'Kabir Singh', Lashes Out At All Who Judged)

Well, we love how beautifully Shah Rukh explained life outside the college gates to Suhana and the world!

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