Life Hacks: 8 Brilliant New Ways To Use Everyday Beauty Products


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Life Hacks: 8 Brilliant New Ways To Use Everyday Beauty Products

There is no dearth of beauty products in women’s closet, and they surely know how to use all of them. Be it something as basic as a moisturiser, or the entire eye makeup kit, we are sure you never require any guidance regarding what to do with these products.

But, what you might not know is some of the secret benefits that many of your beauty products can offer you. So, you better step up and raid your beauty cabinet to find out those multipurpose products. To make things easier for you, here is a list of some beauty products and their secret uses that you did not know so far.

#1. Hand lotion

The hand moisturising lotion is very effective in beating the frizz of your hair. So, you can now forget those expensive hair serums, and need not spend a single rupee on hair softeners. The moisturiser in the lotion smoothens out the frizz, and gives them an instant shine.

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#2. Deodorants

A deodorant can do a lot more than just making you smell as fresh as a flower. It can help you prevent those blisters that your favourite pair of high heels might give you. Before you step into those new shoes, just swipe it around the section you fear might get a blister, and also on your heels. The powdery substance present in the antiperspirants work best to protect you from friction that causes blister.

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#3. Lip balm

With winters on the way, we are sure your lip balm must already be in your bag. But this time, try it not just for its apparent use, but also for something which you might never have thought of.

Here is a list of what all you can do with your lip balm:

  • The lip balm can soothe not only your cracked lips, but also the parched skin around your cheeks and nose.
  • You can also use it on your cuticles to smoothen them in no time.
  • Instead of dabbing water on your hair all the time, simply tame the frizz by rubbing some lip balm on your finger tips to spruce up your hair.
  • Spread lip balm on the zipper to zip and unzip stubborn zips.
  • They also work as quick healers of small cuts and wounds.

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#4. Hair conditioner and shampoo

Hair conditioners and shampoos are excellent substitutes of a shaving cream. All you need to do is wet the area you want to remove the hair from, and lather up the shampoo and then apply some conditioner over it. You will notice that the area will become slick and allow the razor to remove unwanted hair with much of ease.

#5. Acne gels

The acne gels already serve you in the best possible way. But, you would be surprised to know another very effective benefit that they offer. The ingredients of acne gels or pimple creams can help you get rid of the dark elbow skin by breaking down the thick layer of dead skin as well as by lightening the skin tone.

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#6. Perfume

If you have run out of nail paint remover, then a bottle of perfume will come to your rescue. Although it is an expensive nail polish remover substitute, but works best in times of desperate need of it. Besides, you can use perfume to revive your dull hair after a long day if you have a date planned. You can do so by spraying perfume onto the hair brush and gently comb your locks.

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#7. Toothpaste

Well, you might not count it exactly as a beauty product, but this smile-brightening product has another secret benefit. If you are not in a mood to buy fancy silver polish to revive silverware back to life, fret not. Because, one of the most inexpensive ways to clean your precious silver jewellery, utensils, or anything else, is to use toothpaste. But, avoid any whitening gels as these may unintentionally harm your products.

#8. Body Oil

This winter, stack up some extra body oil because you will not be using it only for its most obvious purpose. You will be amazed to know that body oil can help you to get your leather boots ready for winters. You will only need very little of it to give your boots a shine, but also to remove water stains from it.

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If you are still sitting amazed over the secret uses of your various beauty products, it is the time to pinch yourself and pick a few of these to make the best out of them. You can also share some more uses of other beauty products you know about in the comments box below.