Sania Mirza's Father Spends A Quiet Birthday With Son-In-Law Shoaib Malik Ahead Of India-Pak Match


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Sania Mirza's Father Spends A Quiet Birthday With Son-In-Law Shoaib Malik Ahead Of India-Pak Match

A son-in-law and a father-in-law’s relationship is one of the most fun, cute and heartwarming relationships ever! With the very tag ‘son-in-law’, comes in heaps of expectations, assurances and promises. And why wouldn’t it be like that? The father is giving away the most precious area of his heart to another man! (Do Read: Mom-To-Be Sania Mirza Misses Shoaib Malik, Asks Him To Be Back Clean-Shaven, See What He Does)

And if a son-in-law becomes successful in keeping a father’s jigad da tukda happy, then a guy successfully passes the sasural test and one cannot imagine the love he will get from his father-in-law! Similar is the story with Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Malik and his father-in-law (Sania Mirza’s father), Imran Mirza. It was the latter’s birthday and Sania’s father chose to spend his ‘big day’ with Shoaib in Dubai. Sharing a picture from a cake-feeding session, Imran captioned the picture as, “A quiet birthday celebration with Shoaib Malik in Dubai and a big thanks to all my friends for your warm wishes.” Here is the snap:

Shoaib Malik and Imran

It is quite evident that Imran is very fond of his son-in-law, Shoaib Malik. Also, it is the much-awaited India vs Pakistan Asia cup match tomorrow (September 23, 2018) and cricket frenzies can’t keep calm! Sharing a throwback picture from the Asia Cup, Imran captioned the picture as, “Such a great pleasure to watch a match-winning batting performance from Shoaib Malik in the Asia Cup!” Take a look at the image here:

Shoaib and father

Coming back to Sania father’s birthday, daughter Sania Mirza, who is in her third trimester and expecting her child soon, also posted an adorable picture with her father on his ‘big day’ and captioned the picture as, “Happy Birthday Baba from traveling the world with me to teaching me to deal with the biggest of problems with a smile and always having our backs. Thank you for being our Baba @imranmirza58”. This is the throwback picture that she had shared:

Sania Mirza and father

Also, sad news for all Sania Mirza fans as you will not get to hear or see from her in the next few days. A tweet shared by Sania herself on September 19, 2018 has it that the gorgeous player would deliberately like to stay away from social media for a few days, ahead of the India-Pak, lest people troll her. The tweet that she had posted could be read as, “Soo less than 24hrs to go for this match, safe to sign out of social media for a few days since the amount of nonsense thats gonna b said here can make a ‘regular’ person sick ,let alone a pregnant one. Later guys! Knock yourselves out! BUT remember-ITS ONLY A CRICKET MATCH! Toodles!” Checkout the same below: (Also Read: Pregnant Sania Mirza's Sister Anam Mirza Surprises Her With Pyjama Party Instead Of A Baby Shower)

Sania Mirza tweet

Not just this, there are several occasions where you will find Shoaib’s father-in-law posting pictures of his beautiful daughter and son-in-law, which is mostly backed by all praises from the former. In one such picture that he had shared of Shoaib and himself, he captioned the picture as, “Flying high! Shoaib Malik completes 7,000 ODI runs in his illustrious career!” Also, sharing an unseen throwback picture when Shoaib was being welcomed into the Mirza household in Hyderabad, Imran captioned the picture as, “Shoaib Malik being welcomed into the Mirza home in Hyderabad 8 years ago.” (Don't Miss! Seven Months Pregnant Sania Mirza Playing Tennis With Sister Anam Mirza Is Inspiring In Every Sense)


Sania and Shoaib

Aren’t the pictures amazing? And, isn’t Shoaib Malik and his father-in-law’s bond beautiful? Drop us a comment in the box below.

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