Salman Khan Reveals He Was Apprehensive For 'Bigg Boss 14' Because Of Parents And Newborn Niece Ayat

At the virtual press conference of 'Bigg Boss 14', Salman Khan revealed why, at first, he was apprehensive to do BB and his lockdown days with family.


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Salman Khan Reveals He Was Apprehensive For 'Bigg Boss 14' Because Of Parents And Newborn Niece Ayat

This is that time of the year when the excitement level of the Bigg Boss fans seems no bounds. Even before the most controversial reality show premiers on television, it becomes a hot topic of discussion for BB loyalists and after its launch, the drama and emotions just escalate. It doesn’t matter if a day or a week or a month has passed by since the launch of Bigg Boss, it brings along the whirlwind of entertainment. Salman Khan is back with the fourteenth season of Bigg Boss and in a virtual press conference, he revealed the theme and look of the show. But Salman was initially apprehensive on resuming work and getting back on the sets of Bigg Boss 14. Let’s find out why! (Also Read: Mira Rajput Kapoor Relives Delhi Days On 'Shawarma Night With Parents', Gives Glimpse Of Dinner Date)

Salman Khan had spent his lockdown at his Panvel farmhouse with the Khan clan, and it was indeed special for him as he got a chance to spend quality time with his nephews and niece, Arhaan Khan, Nirvaan Khan, Yohan Khan, Ahil Sharma and Ayat Sharma. Since the Khan-Sharma family had a new addition Arpita Khan Sharma and Aayush Sharma’s daughter, Ayat, the lockdown had come as a blessing in disguise as everyone got a chance to make the best memories with the little one and pamper her to the core. Sharing a glimpse of the same, Salman had posted a picture with Nirvaan, Ahil and Ayat, and had captioned it as “Siblings @Nirvankhan15.”

Salman Khan, Nirvaan Khan, Ahil Sharma and Ayat Sharma

Since we have stepped into the Unlock phase and life is getting back on the track with the ‘new normal’, Salman Khan too, had resumed his professional commitments and will soon be back with his show, Bigg Boss. At the virtual press conference of Bigg Boss 14, Salman revealed why, at first, he was apprehensive to do BB and his lockdown days with family. Speaking about his apprehensions of resuming work, Salman said, “Yes, I was apprehensive to shoot the show because there is a newborn in the house. My sister Arpita and Aayush's daughter Aayat my niece and then there are my parents and Helen aunty. There are also other senior citizens in the family and friends. The thought is if we get infected, we will manage but when it comes to parents and kids I get scared.”

Salman Khan, Salma Khan and Ayat Sharma

Elaborating on the scare of transferring the virus to the family and the discomfort they’ll have to suffer, Salman Khan continued, “Apne liye darr nahi lagta jitna apne waalon ke liye lagta hai. If you are staying away and then returning home and hugging your mother and by mistake you transfer the virus then it gets scary. I know they will survive but the discomfort of 15 days and health issues that they will have to go through that is scary. You can't fight an enemy whom you can't see. The coronavirus pandemic has shut down the entire world.” (Also Read: Shilpa Shetty Kundra's Son, Viaan Bakes Brownie For His Sister, Samisha's First Daughter's Day)

Salman Khan

Revealing that he had moved to his Panvel farmhouse during the lockdown and why it was stressful for him, Salman Khan said, “Like everyone else even I was playing Bigg Boss in my house and have not stepped out of my house during the last six months. Today is the first time that I am shooting. Whatever little bit of social media post I had to do I did from my farm house. I was at the farm. In Mumbai, I live on the first floor and my parents stay on the ground floor so just to be safe I stayed at my farm. We had gone to Panvel, my farm house before the lockdown and got stuck there. Thank God it's a huge space there which my father had bought some 30 years ago and I am luckily that it is now coming to use. By the grace of God, I was there and even there we had the pressure of work not resuming. It was quite stressful.”

Salman Khan

For the uninitiated, Salman Khan shares his birth date with his soon-to-be a year-old niece, Ayat Sharma as it was on December 27, 2020, when his sister, Arpita Khan Sharma had given birth to a baby girl. To welcome Ayat in their world, proud mamu, Salman had tweeted, “Welcome to this beautiful world Ayat. Thank u Arpita n Ayush for the best birthday gift for the whole family. May everyone who reads this bless her n may she grow up n make everyone proud. Thank u for all the love n respect. You all have been very kind, thank u thank u thank u!” (Also Read: Amy Jackson Celebrates Her Son Andreas' First Birthday With A Magnificent Jungle-Themed Cake [VIDEO])

Salman Khan, Arpita Khan Sharma and Aayush Sharma

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