Amidst Dilip Kumar's Health Issues, Check Out What Saira Banu Has To Say About Love


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Amidst Dilip Kumar's Health Issues, Check Out What Saira Banu Has To Say About Love

Time and again, B-town has given us adorable couples and beautiful love stories. But there is one such romance that can be stated as an eternal one.

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We’re talking about none other than the veteran actors Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu. Even with an age gap of 22 years, their love story is like no other from Mumbai nagri. The couple got married in the year 1966 when the gorgeous Saira was only 22 and the ‘king of tragedy’, Dilip Kumar was 44. It’s been five decades since their marriage and yet their love story seems so fresh.

Saira Banu Dilip Kumar

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When Saira turned 73 on August 23, 2017, she spoke in lengths about Dilip saab in an interview.

This is what she said:

"It’s a fact that ever since I became an actress, and in fact, even before that, I just wanted to be Dilip saab's wife. Material gifts are good, and yes, they make one happy. But, the gift of love is the biggest gift one could ever get. And I’m lucky that I have got that love from him."

Saira Banu Dilip Kumar

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When Banu was asked about her birthday wish, she said:

"I just want God to make Dilip Saab completely fit again. I wish he’d get well, and he should always get the love that he’s getting right now. That’s my only wish for this year.”

Saira Banu Dilip Kumar

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It is to be noted here that Dilip saab is 94 years old and his health recently has seen lots of ups and downs. Just recently, he was admitted to a hospital and was discharged after a few days on August 09, 2017.

Shah Rukh Khan, whom Dilip saab considers his son, visited him at the veteran actor’s residence in Mumbai.

Here’s a picture:

Saira Banu Dilip Kumar Shah Rukh Khan

Saira ji has always been vocal about her love for Dilip saab. In an earlier interview, she had said:

“I am still head over heels in love with my Kohinoor, Yousuf Sahab, the way I was when I first felt attracted to him as a 12-year-old. Ours has been as good and enduring a marriage as so many marriages that have survived the ups and downs for four decades. No marriage is perfect. How can it be, when as human beings we are not perfect? It is mutual love, respect and adoration that keep a marriage ticking.”

Saira Banu Dilip Kumar

Dilip-Saira is one of the strongest couples in the Hindi film industry. We wish Dilip saab always stays healthy and that Saira Ji's birthday wish comes true.

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