Saif Shared A Funny Incident About Soha And Her Ex-Boyfriend In Front Of Her Husband Kunal


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Saif Shared A Funny Incident About Soha And Her Ex-Boyfriend In Front Of Her Husband Kunal

Soha Ali Khan and her husband Kunal Kemmu stepped into parenthood with the arrival of their daughter, Inaaya Naumi Kemmu on September 29, 2017. And not only the bitiya of Pataudi khandaan begun the new chapter of her life with motherhood, but also of an author with the launch of her book - The Perils Of Being Moderately Famous.

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Soha believes that her identity is only as a sibling or a daughter to these other famous people. Soha belongs to the family of superstars and for the most part of her life, she was completely non-famous. But the actress does not regret being moderately famous, and she doesn’t get upset about it.

Soha Ali Khan Book Launch

This actress-turned-author in her debut book- The Perils Of Being Moderately Famous, is all about her experiences and she shared some anecdotes about her family and hilarious situations she has been in her life.

Soha Ali Khan Book Launch

The entire Pataudi clan was present at the book launch event to support and celebrate her big day. Earlier, Soha posted a picture on her official Instagram handle in which she is reading her book to her daughter. Here’s the cute picture:

Soha with daughter Inaaya

And the caption:

Sneak peek!! Guess who’s reading an advance copy of 'the perils of being moderately famous'

Soha Ali Khan Book Launch

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All her family members read some excerpts from her book which she wrote about them and shared some interesting anecdotes of Soha’s life. Kareena talked about the dining conversations with Soha and Saif and how she feels intimidated by them. This is what she said:

“If there is one person I am in awe of in this family, it is Soha... she is the torch-bearer of this family. I have rarely been intimidated by anyone and media knows. But if there's one person in the family I am completely in awe of, it is Soha. I'm always a little nervous when I am having dinner with Saif and Soha, I'm like 'Oh my God, I am never going to understand this conversation'.”

Soha Ali Khan Book Launch

She further added:

"If Kunal can't, there's no way I can! Soha has always been so polite, like 'Hi, what's up, did you buy anything, so what's the gossip?' I'm like, 'Oh God, I feel so small and lame! But it's okay. I think we have found our way. If there's anyone in the family who we all can turn to, when Amma (Sharmila) is all worked up, if there's one person that can control the situation, that's Soha. I truly believe that she is the torch-bearer of the family and this title doesn't do justice (to her) because famous or no famous, she is the grounding on which all of us stand."

Soha Ali Khan Book Launch

What Kareena said next made Soha teary-eyed. Kareena recalled the time when Soha’s father was sick, and she retorted:

"I've never seen any other daughter, I am a daughter myself, I don't know if I could've done the way she looked after him. And that to me, is a solid woman. So here's to you Soha. I'm sure Abba is listening to all of this."

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Soha Ali Khan Book Launch

Now it was brother Saif, who shared a personal anecdote from the time when Soha went on a date with a ‘wealthy industrialist.’ He said:

“She had gone out for dinner once. It was before she had met Kunal. I hope he doesn’t mind me saying it. It was kind of a date. He was a really wealthy guy. A big industrialist. He was talking to Soha and Soha was really bored. I don’t know if she was already seeing Kunal at that time.”

Soha Kunal Kareena Saif

To which, Kareena and Soha cut him in between to deny. Then he continued:

“She just went out to be polite. So, a friend messaged her to ask how was the date going, and Soha replied saying, ‘It’s boring’. Only she messaged the guy. And now this is Soha. She asks the guy for his phone and deletes the message. That’s my sister, Soha.”

Soha Ali Khan Book Launch

Check out the video here:



Aren't these some interesting excerpts about Soha? Well, we just can’t wait to read Soha’s book and we are sure, it will be hilarious. Do take your copies soon and share with us your comments on the book. Stay tuned with us for more updates on your favourite B-town celebs.

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