6 Essential Etiquette Tips To Be The Best Guest At A Wedding


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6 Essential Etiquette Tips To Be The Best Guest At A Wedding

The wedding season is here, and so is the season of receiving wedding invitations. But, do you know that just making an appearance at the wedding is not the only rule you need to follow as a guest. Yes, you heard it right. There are some other rules also, which you should abide by as a guest. Want to know what are they? Well, then read on without further ado.

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#1. Follow the dress code

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If the invitation says formal, then it means strictly formal. Do not just say, “How does it matter how I am dressed. It is not my wedding after all,” and walk in wearing casual jeans and T-shirt. The truth is that your dress matters; maybe not to you, but to the bride and the groom, it does. It is their wedding and they have kept the dress code with something in mind. Also, you have been invited because you mean something to them, so respect their decision and follow the dress code. And even if there is no dress code, then also dress appropriately.

#2. Go as the card says

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Many people turn up at the wedding with their kids/family even when the invitation specifically says 'Mr. and Mrs'. Whenever you receive an invitation, it is always mentioned that whether you are invited with your family, or just your partner, or just you. So, how much more clarity do you want? Always stick to the format, and in case, you are unable to abide by it due to some reason, then it is always better to seek permission from the bride/groom or their parents before attending the wedding with some uninvited guest.

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#3. Reply to the invitation ASAP


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And yes, it is mandatory. After receiving the card, it is your duty to inform the bride/groom or their parents whether you will be attending the wedding or not. It helps them in making the sitting and dinner arrangements accordingly. So, whenever you see RSVP at the bottom of the card, respond to the counterpart within a week via message, e-mail, or a phone call.

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#4. Do not forget your phone etiquettes

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Just when the pandit is reading the mantras, your mobile phone rings and people make all kinds of weird faces, isn’t that embarrassing? Well, then why not put your mobile phone on silent mode to save yourself from such an awkward situation! And whenever you have to receive or make any call, make sure you go outside or move to some secluded area, so that no one or no ritual gets disturbed by your call.

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#5. Gift is a must

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This is one golden rule that every guest must follow. In case you are unable to decide a gift for the couple, then you can always give gift coupons, cash or even a flower bouquet. They will definitely be happy for your thoughtful gift and sweet gesture.

#6. And of course, always keep your behaviour in check

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Do not get too drunk and create a havoc at the wedding. (This is how you can control the rowdy ones around you, Read: 4 Smart Ways To Handle The Groom’s Rowdy Friends) You will not only make fun of yourself, but will also embarrass the bride and the groom. So, keep a tab on your drinks and behaviour.

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Weddings hold a special importance in everyone’s life. And, if you are being invited to someone’s wedding, then help them in making their big day the most beautiful one by being on your best behaviour. So, next time you are planning to attend a wedding as a guest, abide by these rules and leave an everlasting impression on everyone. 

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