'Roja' Fame, Madhoo Opens Up On Her Real-Life Love Story With Her Industrialist Husband, Anand Shah

Popular actress, Madhoo opened up about her real-life love story with her husband, Anand Shah and revealed some interesting anecdotes about the same.


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'Roja' Fame, Madhoo Opens Up On Her Real-Life Love Story With Her Industrialist Husband, Anand Shah

Popular actress, Madhoo rose to fame with her outstanding performance in the iconic 90s film, Roja. Her song, Dil Hai Chota Sa from the movie still pulls a chord in the hearts of her fans. She has also exceptionally performed in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada film industries, apart from her successful stint in the Hindi industry. In her personal life, she tied the knot with industrialist, Anand Shah on February 19, 1999. For the unversed, Anand happens to be the cousin of Jay Mehta, who is the husband of Bollywood actress, Juhi Chawla.

Madhoo recalled her first meeting with her husband, Anand Shah


Apart from her successful acting career that has been known to all, Madhoo has always preferred to keep her personal life away from the limelight. However, in an earlier interview with the Free Press Journal, Madhoo had revealed fond anecdotes about her real-life love story. She mentioned that she had crossed paths with her then-future husband, Anand when he saw her in the film, Diljale. He had been completely bowled over by her looks and had asked Madhoo’s then-director, Andy Balraj (who was also his friend) to set up a meeting with her. Spilling more on the same, Madhoo mentioned:

“Anand says he saw me in the film Diljale (1998). He found me interesting. Anand told his dear friend Andy Balraj, "The girl in the film Madhoo is lovely." In those days, Jackie, Andy, and I were working on the film Hafta Vasuli. Andy offered to introduce Anand to me, but Anand said, "I don't want to meet her like a fan, why don't you fix up a meeting for me with her as a professional?  Andy arranged a meeting with Anand. After we talked for about five minutes about the work, we got so interested in each other's stories and families that we just talked the night away.”

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Madhoo spoke about the first impressions she had of Anand


Much like any first conversation between a guy and a girl, there is always this factor of making the best impression. And in the case of Anand, he had indeed made a positive and rather interesting impression on Madhoo. According to the latter, Anand at first tried to do a game of simple flirting with her. However, when she bluntly informed him that she was instead looking for something permanent to settle down with in her life, Anand directly asked her for marriage without the bat of an eyelid. Speaking more about it, Madhoo added:

“I had never met anyone like him. He was from a business background; he had studied in Switzerland. Unlike him, I come from a different background. Once, while walking on the beach in Bali, he was trying to flirt with me. I told him, don't flirt, you know, I'm done with all this. I'm at a stage in my life, where I'm looking to settle down in a proper relationship. So he said, yeah, so marry me. He just said it without batting an eyelid, and I said yes instantly. And that moment was just magical.”

Madhoo remembered the first gift she got from Anand on their date


In a budding relationship, the firsts of all moments are quite special. Similar was the situation for Madhoo when Anand presented her with the first-ever gift. She mentioned that during one of his return business trips from Singapore, Anand had brought along with him a suitcase full of new clothes and belts for Madhoo, due to which she felt totally pampered.

Madhoo on whether she and Anand received any family apprehensions before tying the knot


After dating one another for some time, Madhoo and Anand had taken the marital plunge in 1999. However, prior to that, the couple had to overcome a big hurdle in their relationship, which concerned their parent’s approval of their match. Madhoo revealed that although by that time her father was already looking out for matches for her, he was nevertheless, immediately won over by Anand. Moreover, she too, had to win over her mother-in-law on the other hand, who had a few apprehensions about her being an actress. She mentioned:

“My father was already looking out for a suitable match for me. So I told him that I'd found the person to fit the bill. What won my father over was that Anand is a strict Jain vegetarian. But the other hurdle was that I thought people told my mother-in-law things about me because I am an actress. So she was skeptical, but my ma-in-law and my pa-in-law took a shine to my father and brother. “

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Madhoo revealed the kind of fights he had with Anand


In the same interview, Madhoo revealed whether she has ever had any fights with her husband, Anand Shah. She mentioned that there were at times when the latter was upset over some of her habits. For instance, she mentioned how Anand once got upset over her love for parties and nightclubs. However, she added that she had to reason it out with him and explain that she too had a very different life before she got married to him.

Madhoo spilt beans on an episode of her husband being totally possessive about her


Madhoo and Anand love each other deeply and are surely a match-made-in-heaven. While the duo is not much of a PDA couple, but they already share a strong bond like no other. In the interview, Madhoo also recalled one of the most interesting episodes in her life, where she got to know about the possessive nature of her husband. In her words:

“I had many actor friends, especially in the South. Once, when I met an actor friend for dinner, Anand was furious. I resented it because I don’t like being controlled. However, I thought about it later and reasoned with myself about why this conflict and pain were over a third person.”

Madhoo and Anand’s kids


In their 24 years of marital bliss, Madhoo and Anand are also joined in by their kids. For the unversed, the couple is blessed with two daughters, Keia and Ameya. And so, they are not just an amazing couple in themselves, they are a wonderful set of parents for their baby girls. In the concluding segment of the interview, Madhoo spoke about this very aspect of her personal life and revealed the kind of doting father her husband is to their daughters. She mentioned:

“Anand exhibits far more patience with kids than I do because my daughters are young women who sometimes push my buttons. I'm highly reactive and short- tempered, but he has more patience with them. He talks and makes more sense with them. He's a great father.”

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