Revealing The Pros And Cons Of A Summer Wedding In India


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Revealing The Pros And Cons Of A Summer Wedding In India

While planning the perfect date for a wedding, many things come into the picture, from auspicious dates to availability of a certain venue and so on. Apart from everything else, even weather plays an important role in planning a wedding. Some prefer summers because of the clear weather and bright outdoors while others love winters because it helps them ditch the hot and humid climate. However, both the seasons have their advantages and disadvantages.

To help you out, we take a look at some of the pros and cons that each of these major wedding seasons bring along, in a special two part series, Summer vs. Winter Weddings. Whether you are the bride, or the groom, or their family member, or even a guest, you might not want to miss this one out. So, here is the first part of the Summer vs. Winter weddings in India, where we tell you about all the pros and cons of hosting a summer wedding in the country.

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#1. Clear weather

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Clear weather means that you can get married in the outdoors. As long as the weather forecast does not say that it will rain or it will get extremely hot, it is safe to concur that the guests will be comfortable during the outdoor celebrations.

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#2. Best flowers are available

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From varmala to décor, flowers play a big part in the Indian weddings. The choice of flowers and their prices are always at their best during the summer months. Some of the most commonly used flowers during a summer wedding include, different shades of Asiatic Lily, Chrysanthemums, Delphinium, Sunflower, Violet, Zinnia, and Orchids, among others.

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#3. Your guests will be more freely available

Summer is the time when most people enjoy long vacations. So, they will be able to celebrate more freely. This is especially for those near and dear ones, who have kids. During other times of the year, this might not be possible.

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#4. Ladies can easily explore sleeveless and backless

This one is for all the girls. We know you all love to explore backless and sleeveless cholis and dresses during the wedding season. While you may brave the cold weather to don the same, aren’t summers the best season to wear these without feeling the chill or looking out of the place?

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#1. Additional cost for cooling

If you have opted for a summer wedding and planning to host it outdoors, remember to set a portion of your budget aside for making arrangements for tents and shady areas for the guests. While summer is beautiful, it can get really hot. If you are hosting your wedding outdoors, make sure you have plenty of things to provide relief to your guests from the heat.

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#2. Sweat and heat

If you live in a part of the country that has humid summers, you might want to consider having the event indoors with air conditioning. If it is a daytime ceremony, then consider a time of the day when no one would have to contend the harsh rays of the sun. No one can really enjoy a wedding with sweat beads trickling down their faces, and sun making their eyes squint.

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#3. Extra care for arrangements

During the summers, there are higher chances of things like food and flowers getting spoiled easily and quickly. So, you have to keep these things in mind while preparing for a summer wedding.

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#4. Bride's worries

Sweaty summers can become hard to tolerate for a bride. With heavy lehengas and even heavier jewellery, summer heat can play havoc to any bride’s dream of enjoying her special day with a cool smile on her lips. Added to that, the heavy makeup that can get smudged far more easily in summers than in winters. And, this is not just for the bride; but is equally true for any girl who is attending a wedding during the summers.

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This was all about the pros and cons of having a summer wedding. If you can think of more things to add, then do share it with us by leaving your comments below. Also, do not miss the second part, where we have explored the pros and cons of a winter wedding. We are sure after reading both of these you will be able to select a perfect season for your wedding while keeping in mind all the things that you want.

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